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 UPDATE - February 21, 2021

Wood Creek Academy

Wood Creek Academy sent me a Cease and Desist letter to remove this blog.... so I will edit it - since they believe it was defamatory. The letter is below.

I can't believe it's been over 17 years since my nightmare with WWASPS.  WWWASP as officially disbanded now.

Sadly I still receive emails (in 2021) from students struggling to overcome the emotional trauma they endured during their time at a WWASPS facility, as well as many simply looking for help in seeking academic credits.

Neither which I can help them with, however it never ceases to amaze me that there are so many victims that have been effected by these people.

The blessing is that many parents are doing their due diligence and learning how to educate themselves before placing their child into a residential therapy school or program.  

They are asking the right questions, and digging deeper into the past of the program.  If your gut is twisting - it's time to move on to another program.

What is really troubling me too, is all the "placement specialists" that are popping up, promising you they can place your child into a program. Please note, this is exactly what happened to me over two decades ago. It is about buyer beware. 

I believe in getting our teen's help -- but it's about being an educated parent. There are more good program than there are deceitful ones. Do your homework.

Wood Creek Academy sent a CEASE and DESIST of this blog. 

Read below. Of course they're not part of any corporation such as WWASPS, they have disbanded. 

But who does run Wood Creek?  For some reason I can't locate the owners - directors - staff, etc..... 

Once you find out who they, you can use the Internet to determine if they were ever related to former programs -- the web is full of information. 

Again, of course they are not WWASP or Spring Creek Lodge - are they the former owners?  I don't know. Ask. Research. If you are sending your kids - just ask.

Just a side story which doesn't have anything to do with Wood Creek but is interesting - Remember when Midwest Academy swore up and down they weren't WWASP related:

Midwest Academy, IA - 2/13/16 News Alert on Midwest Academy (CLOSED-Alleged torture and abuse)

Update: Midwest Academy Founder Confirmed WWASPS 4/16/16 (This is important since many of their sales representatives, as well as the program itself, allegedly will tell parents they weren't WWASPS - this seems to be a common trend - deny, deny until you're caught.) Again - this is not about Wood Creek.

So why a letter from Wood Creek Lawyers?

Why are they so nervous about this? Is it the same property? They say no.  Is the same owners? Why won't they list the owners?  The marketing people? Are they the same? Just asking.... If you are leaving your child there - don't you want to know?

In this letter (below) - dated August 17, 2017 - it says Cynthia Reichenbach called me three times. Unfortunately - I don't have any record of those calls - but I just tried calling her (August 21, 2017) - and she wasn't in so I spoke with Samantha. She confirmed Wood Creek is licensed - but no owners are listed - so strangely we can't determine who these people ARE.  This is typical. 

If you look at Wood Creek's Website - no names are listed under "Who We Are" either.... Why?

I won a major case for Internet Defamation, believe it or not, WWASP was twisted into this one. The truth is your defense. They are telling me I am defaming them? Where?

I'm not saying that Wood Creek is WWASP or it's associated with it.  I'm saying just do your homework.  Place your kid there if you're comfortable with it.  

Look up the former owners of Spring Creek Lodge (and employees - look at the marketing arms) see what it says to you.... you don't need me to tell you what to do. 

Again, if you're comfortable - place your child there. I would never tell anyone any different. Parents are free to do what they want with their children.

Here's the letter I received from them. If they had nothing to hide - why try scare me off?

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