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Rebellious Teen: The Defiant Attitude

How many time do I hear from parents how their teen has become someone they barely recognize?  Their attitude. Their defiance. Their blatant disrespect. Clearly they are rebellious and how are we supposed to handle this?

Some great tips are here!

How to Handle Teenage Rebellion

Many parents with teenagers are well aware that raising a teen presents a challenge. A teen’s attitude can fluctuate from being kind and well-behaved to rude and rebellious in a matter of seconds. Many want to know how to handle teenage rebellion, but several are unaware of where to start.

Continue reading to learn how to handle your teenager’s rebellious stage and start establishing the role you’d like in their life.

1. Listen
One thing that many parents have difficulty with is listening to their teen. It’s crucial for both parent and teen to talk and share feelings with one another. In order to communicate effectively,be aware of where your child is coming from and what his/her mindset is. Listeni…

Teen Drinking may not be just a phase...

April is Alcohol Awareness Month.  

Though parents shouldn't need a reminder to talk to their kids about the dangers and risks of underage drinking, this is a good time to be sure you find time to set aside and discuss this subject.  Peer pressure can be extremely powerful force - especially in middle school and high school.

1)  At what age would you suggest parents start talking to kids about alcohol? Should parents bring it up independently, or wait for their children to ask before broaching the topic?

Like with any sensitive and serious subject, as soon as a parent believes their child is mature enough to understand the topic (alcohol) is when they should start discussions.  It can start by asking them their thoughts on alcohol, listen to them carefully and remember, never criticize.  Start the discussion at their level and start learning from each other.

Education is the key to prevention and can help your child to better understand the risk and dangers of alcohol from a…

Teen Drug Use to Teen Drug Dealer

Yes, this is a trend I am hearing more and more of - and it is quite disturbing.

Parents fear their teens using drugs - well, some parents even make excuses - "it's just pot, I did it when I was a teen," please understand - this is not the marijuana you did when you were a teen - in most cases marijuana can be laces with other substances that can be addictive or even deadly.

Now phone calls are coming more frequently of teens that are dealing drugs not only to support their habit - but to make money.

A cry for help?  Yes!  Well, no - not according to the teenager, but the parents should wake up and realize they have to intervene before this escalates to major drug trafficking and your child is no just arrested for possession but now is dealing with drug trafficking, selling to minors - and maybe more serious charges.

I recently wrote an article for School Family  - 10 Tips to Help Prevent Teen Drug Addiction

This combined with getting your teen outside help are steps…