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Diamond Ranch Academy Residential Treatment Center

As a parent advocate I am always receiving emails and phone calls on a variety of schools and programs from parents and students that have first hand experiences.

My personal experiences are with Carolina Springs Academy that is now closed -- I have heard it is reopened as Seneca Ranch. WWASPS (Worldwide Association of Specialty Programs and Schools) is the umbrella  organization that runs these programs.They also have others in the United States - at last glance there was Red River Academy, LA, Cross Creek, UT, River View, UT, Midwest Academy, IA, and you never know when more will pop-up in different names.

Diamond Ranch Academy, sadly, though I don't have first hand experiences, I am receiving more negative feedback about them.  I wrote about them in June 2012 - and since then it is not getting much better.

After speaking with several parents, that are looking for placement for their struggling teenagers, they encountered the website of Diamond Ranch Academy and were quickly …

Holiday Blues and Teenagers: Risks of Teen Suicide

Holiday blues isn't only about adults, teens can struggling with depression too.

Teen suicide is a very real concern.

Sometimes parents will believe that their behavior is typical teen "stuff", but in reality it their child is deeply hurting.

I fully understand that many parents hesitate wanting to consider residential therapy over the holidays, however you have to think about your child's future.  Once Christmas, one New Year's Eve, one  Easter compared to the rest of their life is worth getting your teen's emotional health back.

Some warning signs:
Withdrawn, secretiveChange of appetitieChange of friends, or no friends SadnessPoor performance in school: grades are droppingRage, defiance, disrespectfulnessFrequent headaches, stomach achesCheck their arms, legs, stomach for scarring (cutting)Check their social media sites for writing about death and other dark comments Learn more from

If you are considering a residen…

Teens and Internet Predators

Would you know if your teen or child was being groomed by an online predator?

Did you know:
More than 500,000 predators are online everydayKids 12 to 15 are susceptible to being groomed and manipulated by offenders onlineFBI stats show that more than 50% of victims of online sexual exploitation are 12-15 years old89 % of all sexual advances towards our children take place in internet chat rooms and through instant messagingIn (27%) of exploitation incidents, predators asked kids for sexual photographs of themselves.4% of kids get “aggressive” sexual solicitations that included attempts to contact the kids offlineHow can you help protect your kids from online threats?
 Communication is key.  Talk to your kids about sexual predators and potential online dangers.Use family safety settings that are built into Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista.Follow age limits on social networking websites. Most social networking sites require that users be age 13 and over. If your children are unde…