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Seneca Ranch Second Chance Youth Ranch

I was made aware that the program that used to be Carolina Springs Academy, where my daughter was harmed, was just re-opened as Seneca Ranch in Due West, SC.

As a parent advocate, I encourage parents to do their due diligence when researching programs for their teenager. The Internet is full of wonderful websites and toll-free numbers that will sell you many things.

When it comes to your child, learn to separate the Internet fact from the Internet fiction.  There will always be those forums of slander - former institutionalized kids that believed they were wronged by the system - and many still don't have relationships with their family.

Though I feel for them, I also understand that there are many good programs in our country - as well as a handful of not so good ones.  You will never please everyone, however when you have the same repetitive stories over and over - from different kids at different times from different parts of the country, you seem to start believing something …

Teens, Drugs and Online Pharmacies


Teen Drug Abuse: Out of Reach, Medicine Abuse Through the Eyes of a Teen

"Out of Reach" is a special documentary created by a teen filmmaker who captures the issue of teen prescription drug abuse as it exists in his world. The issues contained in the film are a reflection of this issue across the country. It was created in collaboration with director Tucker Capps (of A&E's "Intervention") and The Partnership at's Medicine Abuse Project.

With the holiday's around the corner, it is imperative that parents not only know what is in their medicine cabinets, but also be aware of what their parents (grandparents) have in their homes.  As you visit relatives and friends this holiday season, it can also be an opportunity for your teen/tween to scout out a variety of bathrooms and medicine cabinets.

Be an educated parent - you will have safer and healthier kids.

Learn more from The Medicine Abuse Project.

Teen Help: Age of Consent ~ Can Your Teen Sign Themselves Out of Residential Treatment Programs?

No matter what time of the year it is, dealing with a teenager that is pushing the limits and creating friction in your home can be a stressful time.

Compound that with the holidays approaching and knowing there will be time off from school, can be a bit overwhelming.  Will they get into more trouble or will they be busy with constructive projects?  Maybe get a part-time job?

In most cases, my colleague and I hear from parents that are at their wit's end and realize that if they don't intervene the consequences could be serious.

Holiday time is not always the most opportune time of year, however troubled teenagers don't know when to take vacations.

When parents call us for help in searching for residential therapy, many want to try to keep them as close to home as possible.

There are some concerns we express when we speak with the parent about selecting a program as it pertains to the location:
Convenience is nice, however the priority is what is best for your child's n…

Teen Help During the Holidays: Residential Treatment Centers

A question my colleague and I are frequently asked during this time of the year is, "The holidays are here, should we send our teen into a residential program now or wait until after the holidays are over?"

Parents' Universal Resources Experts has been helping families for over a decade, actually over 12 years now, and the answer hasn't changed.

If you wait for the holidays to be over, you may be risking your teen getting  into further trouble as well as causing more stress and friction during your family holiday season.

As school is out teenagers, if they don't have constructive plans, will sometimes get involved with hanging out in places they shouldn't be with people they shouldn't be with.  Today we are facing a time when many parents are working full-time and it is difficult to monitor our kids 24/7 and nearly impossible to tell them who to pick as their peer group.

We explain to parents, as difficult as it will be missing your child at the holidays,…