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Parents Rank Bullying and Cyberbullying as Top Health Concern

Internet safety, cyberbullying and bullying is a major concern for people of all ages. Whether you’re tween is being harassed online or in school, or maybe a teenager that is being mocked on Facebook or any social media platform, as a parent it’s your job to try to be involved as much as possible. This isn’t always easy, which is probably why it’s topping the highest health concern among parents according to a new national poll. Each year, the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s Health asks a national sample of adults to identify health topics that are a “big problem” for children and teens. The number one concern parents stated was cyberbullying/bullying at 61 percent with internet safety at 55 percent. Communication is key We understand that talking with our children is crucial when it comes to online safety. Are you someone that believes your child is more tech-savvy than you are? Use that to your advantage, ask them to teach you about apps and other things yo…

Sexual Bullying and Slut Shaming: The Impact on Youth

There are many forms of online cruelty. The irony of it is I read so much about youth bullying, and I don't want to diminish that it is an important issue -- but the fact is adults are not only victims of harassment, they can be the perpetrators too.   As I continue to write about bullying and cyberbullying, it never ceases to amaze me how many different ways people have discovered to hate others -- whether it is on the playground or virtually, peer cruelty doesn't seem to have any limits or boundaries.  Yes, the very people that should be our children's role models (sports figures, celebrities, politicians, teachers, elders, etc... people we should respect) can be the direct people that are acting like children online or otherwise. We have heard the stories of fat shaming, face shaming, parent shaming (moms judging moms), baby shaming, cyber-shaming and this year I read more about the ugliness of slut shaming (from adults). Most have heard and read about revenge porn

Teen Help for Cyberbullying

Is your teen a victim of cyberbullying? Warning signs your teen might be struggling with online harassment:
Appears to be sad, angry or even frustrated after texting or online.Avoids wanting to talk about their digital activity. (At which point you should encourage them to get online with you, have them teach you something about social media - a new app, anything to get them talking. Open the lines of communication as much as possible).Suddenly stops using their digital devices.Becomes abnormally withdrawn from activities they typically like.Finds excuses to not be at school or with friends.Drop in grades, underachieving. Have you exhausted your local resources? Local therapy is not working or your teen is refusing to attend or engage? Keep in mind, cyberbullying is a serious emotional concern. Teen's will go back and re-visit the mean post/comment over and over again and obsess on it. They will eventually become extremely distraught and depressed. Some teens have considered sui…

Bullying Prevention Month

It's no longer about a simple mean tweet or harsh comment, we are now dealing with verbal violence and cyber-harassment.  Shame Nation: The Global Epidemic of Online Hate (Sourcebooks) is finally here, make no mistake about it, we're all a click away from digital disaster. With 92% of Americans armed with smartphones -- ready to record your most embarrassing moments. The rise of social media and "always-on connectivity" has broadened the scope of online harassment.  Harassers can be anonymous and reach you 24/7, posting messages and photos that are difficult to erase. Whether in the form of cyberbullying among teens and children, or cyber harassment among adults, online harassment comes in many different forms and can lead to detrimental effects, both emotionally and physically. Fortunately, there are ways that we can protect ourselves, our children, and others from cyberbullying and cyber harassment.
There are best practices for online safety, common signs to reco…

Parents Universal Resource Experts: Helping Parents of Troubled Teens

Parent’s Universal Resource Experts, Inc. (P.U.R.E.™) was founded in 2001 by author and parent advocate, Sue Scheff. Since that time, P.U.R.E.™ has provided over 100,000 families with valuable information and resources for their at risk children and teens. 

These are teens who are struggling with peer pressure, experimenting with drugs and alcohol, and are simply good kids starting to make bad choices. We have many very satisfied families who have used our services. 

Call today for a free consultation or visit for more information.  Fill out a contact form.

Diamond Ranch Ranch Academy Review

After we have continued to receive negative reviews on Diamond Ranch, as a national parent advocacy organization, we have received thousands of intakes and reviews from parents since 2001.

They are obviously feeling the pressure, as they are attempting to use our good name in their marketing.

Is this the type of program you would entrust your child to? Stooping to this level of advertising? Why can't they use their own good merit?

Remember, this is your child. This is a major financial and emotional decision. If a program has to stoop to this level to "sell" you - what else are they doing?

Buyer beware.

This is why I founded Parents Universal Resource Experts. We help educate parents on this type of marketing. Read what happened to me at A Parent's True Story.

Look for my new book, Shame Nation: The Global Epidemic of Online Hate - they seem to be part of generating it.

Wits End Book will help you sift through this confusing teen help - big business. Free chapter here.

Cyberbullying: Teens Turn to Friends More Than Parents or Teachers

With back to school around the corner, the concern of bullying and cyberbullying is on many parents minds.
Whenever you are being harassed or bullied online, especially if virtual violence or otherwise is involved, being able to tell someone is imperative. With younger people we encourage them to tell their parents, however we know at times this can be difficult. They fear their will lose their online privileges or not be taken seriously. In a report by Unicef the majority of adolescents polled said the would turn to a friend, and that’s okay. As long as you tell someone. 54% said they would tell a friend.48% said they would tell a parent.19% said they would tell a teacher.

Let's Be Real: An Honest Approach to Living Life for Teens

As we recently witnessed teens having their college acceptance’s revoked due to their lack of judgment online, we also recognize the challenges that our youth have when role models are acting like children both online and off. It’s almost on a weekly basis we are reading about adults that are losing their jobs from a twisted Tweet or mis-post that gets them in hot water. If a grown-up can’t contain their emotions online, can you imagine how hard it is for these kids to constraint themselves? This is exactly why they need guidance from parents — and even role models. Studies have revealed that parents can be the most influential person in their teenager’s life. From their decisions on sex and relationships to when they are faced with the peer pressure of drugs and alcohol, kids are listening to their parents. What’s really important is they are also watching you. According to a Stage of Life survey, 97 percent of teens learn manners and civility from home. Let’s Be Real: Teen’s can be …

Cyberbullying Prevention and Online Safety

Can you guess what crisis is affecting 25 percent of our children today? It’s not ebola or drug addiction. We can rule out measles and depression, because the answer is not a disease at all. The answer might come as a surprise to many, but cyberbullying is hurting one quarter of our children. Unfortunately, cyberbullying might actually be more prevalent than previous studies have shown. In fact, recent data shows that the rates of cyberbullying have actually tripled within the last year! The newer study estimates that 87 percent of our youth have experienced or been affected by cyberbullying. This is devastating for parents to realize, because all the education and awareness about this issue is not making a huge difference for our tween and teen populations. Tragic Consequences: Cyberbullying Matters October is National Cyberbullying Prevention Month and provides the perfect opportunity to make sure we are helping our families to delete this trend. Technology has allowed bullying to jum…

Diamond Ranch Academy and Teen Help Programs

As a parent advocate I am always receiving emails and phone calls on a variety of schools and programs from parents and students that have first hand experiences.

My personal experiences are with Carolina Springs Academy that is now closed -- I have heard it is reopened as Seneca RanchWWASPS (Worldwide Association of Specialty Programs and Schools) is the umbrella  organization that runs these programs.They also have others in the United States - at last glance there was Red River Academy (now US Youth Services), LA, Second Chances, River View, UT and you never know when more will pop-up in different names. Although the like to claim they have no affiliation  -- when people dig deeper, the roots can get exposed as it did last summer with Midwest Academy (which was shutdown).

Diamond Ranch Academy, sadly, though I don't have first hand experiences, I continue to receive negative feedback about the program.  I wrote about them in June 2012and in 2013

As I mentioned in an earlier Bl…

US Youth Services and Teen Help

As an organization that helps educate parents on researching residential programs for their struggling teen, Parents' Universal Resources is proud that since 2001 they have assisted thousands of families through their trying times. The internet has made it more confusing for most, but in many ways it can also be a tool. It's about sorting through the cyber-fiction to find the facts. We are contacted on a regular basis by parents, students and others that have been involved in residential therapy programs to increase our knowledge on what is happening in the field of therapeutic boarding schools. Firsthand experiences are priceless. My story continues to be a familiar one to parents. Having a good teen that suddenly is someone you don't recognize -- as they start making bad choices, failing in school and hanging with a negative peer group. I share with parents frequently, learn from my mistakes, gain from my knowledge. My daughter suffered at the hands of an organization th…

Teen Help and Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Parent Universal Resources is a service to parents and families to assist them with Parent Awareness regarding Therapeutic Boarding Schools, Residential Treatment Centers and Teen Help Programs for troubled teens on the East Coast.

This industry is extremely competitive and can be very confusing. The “desperate parent" is at high risk of making wrong decisions that may be detrimental to you and your child.

Since we were once in that position, we want you to take comfort in the fact that you are not alone and give you the opportunity to learn from our experiences and more importantly, gain from our knowledge. 

Researching can be time consuming and tedious, yet very important. How do you know if a program or school is right for your child or if they really are who they claim to be? We speak from our hearts and our experiences to give you a feeling of ease. Restricting your search to a geographical area limits your chances of finding the right placement for your child. We encourag…