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Parents Learn About Online Safety


Parents, get with the times.

That was Sarah Migas' opening message during a presentation about online safety Thursday night at Ottawa Township High School.

Social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook and Internet chat rooms and instant messaging are becoming increasingly popular means for children and teenagers to socialize. While they have their positives, digital technology also can be dangerous.

"Kids are seeing the Internet as the wild wild West," said Migas, an Internet safety specialist with the Illinois Attorney General's Office.

Migas and Daniel Spillman, assistant attorney general with the high tech crimes bureau, talked to a handful of audience members, introducing what they referred to as a "travel guide" for parents to navigate their way through some of these social networking sites and learn the languages being used by children to communicate.

Migas said acronyms often are used amongst bloggers a…

Memo to Internet Nutjobs: Please think before you post

By Jacqui Cheng
Threats against others on the Internet are just about as surprising as the sky being blue every morning. But some threats are more serious than others, and the list of victims seems to be expanding as more of the unwashed masses general public gets online. Online marketers are one of the newest groups to join that list, and once again, we are faced with questions about how much regulation is necessary in online communities to keep the peace without stepping on users' freedom of expression...... click here for the entire article. ************************************************************** As a victim of Internet Defamation and now a survivor of it, Jacqui Cheng completely articulated the way many people feel as they are being attacked online - and comically, we usually call them "nutjobs!" Since my victory in court with a jury verdict for damages (over $11M) of what one woman did to my family, my organization and myself online, I receive emails on a daily b…

Top Ten Blogger Personas: The Mobosphere Unveiled by John Dozier (Dozier Internet Law)

The Top Ten Blogger Personas: The Mobosphere Unveiled By John Dozer, Esq. (Dozier Internet Law) Ever since Congress passed Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act giving immunity to interactive service providers for publishing the defamation of others, a wide range of characters has arisen and infiltrated the mainstream blogosphere. Instead of becoming a source for obtaining reliable information, the blogosphere, and user generated content, is at risk of becoming a less credible information source. Dozier Internet Law is constantly battling these “black hat” forces and over the past several years we have acquired quite an insight into this underworld; an anonymous and covert society bent on terrorizing businesses. These are our internal thoughts on the matter, and not scientific analyses. We are not psychiatrists; just trial lawyers trained for almost fifty years to figure out the human nature of clients, witnesses, and juries..... Click here for the entire article and the "To…

Sue Scheff: Podcasts on Internet Abuse, E-Venge and Internet Gossip!

I have been on several National Media Shows including 20/20 ABC News i-caught, Fox Morning with Mike and Juliet, CNN, Fox News, BBC, and more on the subject of Internet Defamation and Internet Abuse. I recently added Podcast's of some of these shows. Click here.

Sue Scheff: Featured Author on My Video Partners

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Sue Scheff: Connect with Kids Parenting Videos (Including Parenting Tips)

Connect with Kids is very a comprehensive website offering informational parent videos and valuable articles and tips for parents.

Check out my Blog that gives you some highlights for parents of at risk teens from Connect with Kids.