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Teen Prescription Drug Use and Fake Internet Pharmacies

You know how important and life-saving prescription drugs can be for yourself, and also for your children. There is nothing you want more than to keep your children safe from harm. The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy Foundation and their AWARxE Consumer Protection Program want you to become AWARxE of the growing amount of fake Internet pharmacies that are selling dangerous counterfeit drugs.
Founded in 1904, the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) is the impartial professional organization that supports the state boards of pharmacy in protecting public health.

Many Internet sites hawking prescription drugs are actually fake and their products could cause more harm than good. There are documented cases of adults in the US harmed by counterfeit drugs and the effects of such products could be potentially be much worse for a child. We must do everything we can to keep our children and families safe and healthy.

Counterfeit pills sold online often c…

Teens and Summer Spare Time

What plans do you have for your teen this summer?

Will they have a job? Will they be hanging out in the neighborhood?  Maybe catching up on some community service hours and volunteering.

Whatever you decide it is a fact to keep your teens busy so that they don't find themselves busy in a way that may not be what you want.  Like a trip to the local sheriff's office!

Do you know your teen's friends?
Do you know where your teen surfs online?
Do you know where your teen hangs out?
Do you know what your teen does in their spare time?

If you answered no to any of these questions, now it the time to find out.  Summer has a lot of down time.  There is nothing wrong with vegging a little and taking some time to relax from their studies, but be sure they are playing it safe and keeping within boundaries you approve of.

Do you suspect your teen is using drugs? Drinking?
Are you skeptical of the kids they are hanging out with?
Is your teen being secretive about where they are going o…

Peer Pressure and Your Teen

I hear many times that parents say that their teen is hanging with a negative peer group, however you have to remember, it is your teenager that is choosing to be with them.

There is no denying how awkward the teenage years are. Surging hormones, increasing responsibility, and feeling a lack of control over their lives have long caused stress among teens. Parents might struggle to find sympathy when their teenager moans how hard their life is but it is true more than ever for today's teens. A parent's job is to help guide their child through this time, hopefully having them emerge from the chrysalis as a competent adult.

One problem teens struggle to deal with is pressure. Non-stop access to social media has made it difficult for them to learn to switch off. As their parent, you can help them develop the skills they need to manage pressure in a positive way, without turning to damaging alternatives like alcohol or drugs.

1. Switching Off

Put your teen in an environ…

Teen Help Programs and the Internet Search

School is about over, the grades are in and you realize that your teen has failed some courses.

You also have realized they really don't care much about their education at all!

Unfortunately I hear this more and more from parents today.  We have extremely intelligent children capable of getting A's and not working up to their academic potential.  What is going on?

Teens that would rather either just get a GED or some that want to quit school all together!  Years ago that wouldn't even cross our minds -but today these kids don't recognize the importance of an education.

Especially in today's financial world.

Some parents are also dealing with their smoking marijuana.  Some just brush it under the table and say that it is the same as when the were kids.  Well, it isn't.  Pot today can be far more lethal than it was generations prior.

Whether you are  parent that is feeling hostage in their own home or a parent that feels their teen is heading down a dark path, y…

Diamond Ranch Academy - Teen Help Programs

As a parent advocate I am always receiving emails and phone calls on a variety of schools and programs from parents and students that have first hand experiences.

My personal experiences are with Carolina Springs Academy that is now closed, however was under the WWASPS umbrella that still has programs operating in the United States such as Cross Creek, Red River Academy, Horizon Academy and most recently I am hearing about River View located in La Verkin, Utah.

Diamond Ranch Academy, sadly, though I don't have first hand experiences, I am receiving more negative feedback about them.

This week I receive another negative call.  Usually after 3 complaints, that run similar, I raise a red flag.  They asked me to listen to Bipolar Nation Radio. It reminds me of the days when we were fighting against WWASPS - and I can hear the frustrations and the pain in the mother and know the pain the parents are going through when you feel your hands are tied and no one understands that you are you…