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Sue Scheff Wins $11.3M Jury Verdict - Internet Defamation Case

With this unprecedented jury verdict (not a default verdict) of $11.3M - comes more slander!

If you are reading ugly and malicious information about me, you can understand why. The defendant - Carey Bock - who attempted to get the judgement set aside - was denied with a strong order set down by the Judge.

She is being held liable for the defamation and invasion of privacy she created to myself and my family.

I have also received a mass amount of media attention from prominent news outlets such as 20/20 ABC News i-Caught, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Forbes and more.

All these reputable journalist did their due diligence on my case.

Freedom of speech is here to stay - Defamation is not acceptable.

Blog of Sue Scheff and PURE

Whatever can hurt you the worst, has the equivalent power to help you the most.

For all those that have written me of their stories of Internet Harassment and Abuse - I received this in my email today. It is worth passing on to everyone.

The Blog of PURE and Sue Scheff

Just a quick note of thanks to all the people that have emailed me about my story on 20/20 ABC News i-Caught.

I appreciate all your notes and I am overwhelmed at the amount of abuse that is on the Internet. Personally, I will always have my critics, as many people that are making a difference have, but being able to speak out and help others has been rewarding.

Thanks again to all that wrote. A special thanks to Micheal Fertik and the team at Reputation Defender and MyEdge for helping me to come forward and speak out.

Sue Scheff & Michael Fertik on 20/20 ABC News i-Caught!

Tuesday, August 14th, 2007 - Sue Scheff and Michael Fertik, CEO of Reputation Defender were featured on 20/20 ABC News new series - i-Caught. Sitting down with renown Journalist, Martin Bashir, Sue Scheff and Michael Fertik share the seriousness of maintaining your Online Profile and fighting malicious and online attacks.

The Today Show with Reputation Defender CEO Michael Fertik

On Friday, August 10th - Michael Fertik, CEO of Reputation Defender was featured on The Today Show on NBC. His service to help people monitor their online profiles and reputations has become a priceless service for many people that are becoming victims of Internet ugliness.

Reputation Defender is not about chilling your first amendment right, it is about bringing the truth to the top! Unfortunately there are people that want to hurt others and their new weapon is using Cyberspace to literally attempt to ruin others with a few keystrokes.

Personally, I am a client of Reputation Defender and hold them in the highest regard. Recently I won an unprecedented case of $11.3M in a jury trial for damages for Internet Defamation and Invasion of Privacy. Since this victory - the campaign to discredit and destroy me as escalated since some extremist believe the First Amendment allows them to defame others. The First Amendment does not condone defamation.

I was a victim "Caught in the Net