The Today Show with Reputation Defender CEO Michael Fertik

On Friday, August 10th - Michael Fertik, CEO of Reputation Defender was featured on The Today Show on NBC. His service to help people monitor their online profiles and reputations has become a priceless service for many people that are becoming victims of Internet ugliness.

Reputation Defender is not about chilling your first amendment right, it is about bringing the truth to the top! Unfortunately there are people that want to hurt others and their new weapon is using Cyberspace to literally attempt to ruin others with a few keystrokes.

Personally, I am a client of Reputation Defender and hold them in the highest regard. Recently I won an unprecedented case of $11.3M in a jury trial for damages for Internet Defamation and Invasion of Privacy. Since this victory - the campaign to discredit and destroy me as escalated since some extremist believe the First Amendment allows them to defame others. The First Amendment does not condone defamation.

I was a victim "Caught in the Net" of destruction and harassment, but thanks to Michael Fertik and his team at Reputation Defender and MyEdge - things are getting better.

Of course, there will always be people that can beat them - but in the end, the truth always prevails - as mine did more than once.

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