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River View in Utah - Think Before You Accept

Utah River View in La Verkin

River View

River View Academy

Not exactly sure?  Neither was a parent when she called me after surfing the Internet and coming across a marking arm that attempted to tell her that her son was a perfect fit for this program.

As a parent advocate for over a decade, I have certainly heard and visited many schools and programs in our country and this one really confused me.  Why? Well - La Verkin, Utah is very small and the home of Cross Creek which is part of the organization that harmed my own daughter years ago and defrauded me.

They are also part of many allegations of abuse, fraud and currently involved in yet another lawsuit

Are you looking for residential therapy for your at-risk teen?  I commend you for being proactive - don't give up your search.  There are actually more good programs than there are not so good.  However it is imperative you do your research and dig deep.

Know the questions to ask.  Know the warning signs and red flags.

Being an…

Teens Smoking Cigarettes

Teens smoking cigarettes is not want parents like, however unfortunately with peer pressure, sometimes our kids feel the need to fit in.

Most know that smoking is bad for you, yet as with kids, they don't worry about the consequences.

Kids can get pretty creative when it comes to hiding their bad habits from parents and most parents assume that their child would never do anything like take drugs, drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes. In all cases there are certain signs to watch for that let you know if your child is indulging in any of these risky behaviors, no matter how crafty they may be at trying to hide them.

Here are some signs to watch for if you think your child may be smoking.
More use of breath mints or chewing gum – Has your child suddenly felt it necessary to always chew gum or have breath mints? If so, there is a chance that they might be trying to cover up the bad breath that smoking causes.The dirty ashtray smell – Chances are if you confront your child abo…

Teen Drug Use: Do You Suspect Your Teen is Using Drugs?


Teen Help Programs and The Internet Search

You have finally reached your wit's end with your teenager.

You have exhausted all your local resources, your nerves are fried, you have removed all their privileges and nothing is making a difference - you are literally a hostage to your own child!

What now?

It is time for outside help... but you get online and realize first the sticker shock.... (price of programs and schools) then you see all these horror stories - EXACTLY WHO SHOULD YOU BELIEVE?

Your gut!

Years ago I was in your exact spot - and I didn't listen my gut, and the results were not good, however it had a purpose.  The reason was to be a part of helping parents not make the mistakes I did.

When you get online you will see many toll free numbers going to places unknown.  Usually sales reps that will more than happily give you a list of programs that they believe will be perfect for your child - but how do they know?

Point is - you don't want a sales rep - you don't want a marketing arm, you want an owner,…