River View in Utah - Think Before You Accept

Utah River View in La Verkin

River View

River View Academy

Not exactly sure?  Neither was a parent when she called me after surfing the Internet and coming across a marking arm that attempted to tell her that her son was a perfect fit for this program.

As a parent advocate for over a decade, I have certainly heard and visited many schools and programs in our country and this one really confused me.  Why? Well - La Verkin, Utah is very small and the home of Cross Creek which is part of the organization that harmed my own daughter years ago and defrauded me.

They are also part of many allegations of abuse, fraud and currently involved in yet another lawsuit

Are you looking for residential therapy for your at-risk teen?  I commend you for being proactive - don't give up your search.  There are actually more good programs than there are not so good.  However it is imperative you do your research and dig deep.

Know the questions to ask.  Know the warning signs and red flags.

Being an educated parent helps you to make an educated decision. Isn't your teen worth these extra steps?  This is a major emotional and financial decision!  Take your time and do your research. You won't regret it.

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