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Sue Scheff: Summer ADD/ADHD Program

Wow, Danielle Herb (check out her video) offers an amazing program for kids with ADD/ADHD as well as helping kids overcome their fears. Since I am in Florida, I am always asked about programs here and honestly, there are not that many. Well, not many in my opinion - if you know my story and my organization, I am a bit on the picky side.

Attention Children (Aged 10-16) With ADHD/ADD:

Horse Kid Scholarship 2009 for Danielle Herb’s ADHD Horse

Level 1 Master Class 21st - 28th June 2009- Visit

Start Your Summer In Florida With Danielle Herb, The ADHD/ADD Natural Horsemanship Coach

WHAT: The ADHD Horse Level 1 Master Class is an exciting new weeklong program developed by Danielle Herb and Drop Your Reins to help you manage your ADD/ADHD using natural techniques and without the need for prescription drugs.

WHO: Children Diagnosed with ADHD/ADD Aged 10-16

WHEN: June 21-28, 2009

WHERE: North Florida -Cheers Ranch

The Master Class will allow you to teach other young …

Sue Scheff: A Parent's Guide To Internet Safety

Source: FBI Publications

Dear Parent:

Our children are our Nation's most valuable asset. They represent the bright future of our country and hold our hopes for a better Nation. Our children are also the most vulnerable members of society. Protecting our children against the fear of crime and from becoming victims of crime must be a national priority.

Unfortunately the same advances in computer and telecommunication technology that allow our children to reach out to new sources of knowledge and cultural experiences are also leaving them vulnerable to exploitation and harm by computer-sex offenders.
I hope that this pamphlet helps you to begin to understand the complexities of on-line child exploitation. For further information, please contact your local FBI office or the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at 1-800-843-5678.

Louis J. Freeh, Former Director
Federal Bureau of Investigation


While on-line computer exploration opens a world of possibilities for child…

Sue Scheff: Education and Exercise - Parenting Teens Today


By Sarah Newton

Get your students moving

I do believe that a lot of current schooling is failing our young people. It feels, in some cases, that schools have gone backwards in their approach to young people and that despite lots of innovations in education, it feels as if we are no further forward in our approach to education.

As I sit here looking at my bookshelf I am reminded of two books that I really must read, Spark and Brain Rules, which both talk about the effect of exercise on learning. Currently, in the UK, most schools are cutting down on exercise in the curriculum and exercise; it appears to be of secondary importance to results and achievement. And then we wonder why we have an obesity problem among our children. However, there are pockets of amazing things happening, like one school in America that ensures every student has PE each day and has including PE-ready sessions before remedial Maths and English, with incredible results.

Here is why exercise ne…

Sue Scheff: The Parent is the Addict

This is a very interesting article and topic, when the parent is the one that has the addiction. How does this effect the child, especially a teen?


Source: Connect with Kids

“I was afraid when I’d go to school, she’d get drunk and hurt herself, or get behind the wheel, or crash into somebody.”

– George Evans, 15, child of recovering alcoholic

Every year, the government spends billions of dollars on the war on drugs. Yet, in millions of homes across the country, that battle made even more difficult because kids live with an adult who uses drugs.

One such household was George Evans’ home.

He used to skip school for days, even weeks at a time, mostly because of his mother. “I was afraid when I’d go to school, she’d get drunk and hurt herself, or get behind the wheel, or crash into somebody,” George remembers.

Between Kindergarten and the eighth grade, George missed over four hundred days of school. But as Steve Harris, licensed clinical social worker, explains, “It’s an extreme …

Sue Scheff: Parenting Tips from FINK - Family Interaction Nurtures Kids

Again, another enlightening parent Blog and website that can offer you new insights on parenting today. This bright and cheery site can give you a sense of ease and relieve some of the stress you may be going through with your teen.

Take time to review this fantastic website with tips and resources. Here are a couple of tips from FINK Family Communication Experts.
Parenting Teens Tip One- what do you do when your child swears at you?

By Sarah Newton

Firstly I believe every household should have clear ground rules about what is and what is not negotiable in your house and I believe that searing is absolutely one of those non-negotiable baselines. By letting your child swear at you and get away with minor infringements you are giving them a pass to do more disrespectful things. When I was in the police I saw huge crime back spots turned around by focusing on the minor infringements and I believe the same applies to your home. Zero tolerance on the minor will prevent the major.
So here is an…

Sue Scheff: Parents' Universal Resource Experts

Parent's Universal Resource Experts, Inc. (P.U.R.E.™) is an organization that was founded in 2001 by Sue Scheff. For the past several years Parent's Universal Resource's has assisted families with valuable information and resources for their children and teens that are at risk. Teens that are struggling with today's peer pressure, experimenting with drugs and alcohol, and simply good kids starting to make bad choices. We have many very satisfied families that have used our services. Please take a moment to read some of our testimonials.

Whether you are seeking Boarding Schools, Therapeutic Boarding Schools, Residential Treatment Centers, Wilderness Programs, Christian Schools, Summer Programs, Military Schools and more, Parent's Universal Resource's can offer you options to explore to help educate you in a very important decision for your child and family. We invite you to fill out a Free Consultation Form for more information.

Parent's Universal Resource Exp…

Sue Scheff: Happy Memorial Day

Hoping everyone has a safe and fun Memorial Day. Most importantly take the time to honor the many people that have served our wonderful country. Since I usually Blog about Parenting Articles, I have to bring your attention to a fantastic article from The Real Meaning of Memorial Day - read more here:

Sue Scheff: Signs of Teen Drug Abuse

By Denise Witner Please note that even though some of these warning signs of drug abuse may be present in your teen, it does not mean that they are definitely abusing drugs. There are other causes for some of these behaviors. Even the lifestage of adolescence is a valid reason for many of them to exist.
On the flip side of that, do not ignore the warning signs of teenage drug abuse. If six of these signs, (not all in the same category), are present for a period of time, you should talk to your teen and seek some professional help.

Signs in the Home

loss of interest in family activities
disrespect for family rules
withdrawal from responsibilities
verbally or physically abusive
sudden increase or decrease in appetite
disappearance of valuable items or money
not coming home on time
not telling you where they are going
constant excuses for behavior
spending a lot of time in their rooms
lies about activities
finding the following: cigarette rolling papers, pipes, roach clips, small glass vials, plastic b…

Sue Scheff: Should Your Teen Get a Summer Job?


by Amanda Morin

Last summer your teenager lazed around the pool complaining he was bored. This summer, though, he's old enough to get a job. So should you send him to the nearest fast-food place to make him earn his keep? Before uttering an unequivocal and enthusiastic "yes!" take a little time to sit down with your teen and discuss the long-term effects of how he chooses to spend his summer.

There are certainly benefits to your teen getting a summer job. When she's bringing home some money, she can start paying some of her own expenses. She'll be occupied, less likely to get into trouble and won't be complaining that she's bored. But did you know that getting a job, even as early as the summer after her freshman year, can make her more attractive to colleges, too?

"Colleges want students to use their free time wisely and well," states Lisa Sohmer, a member of the National Association for College Admission Counseling's Boar…

Sue Scheff: What are you revealing Online?

The importance of family internet safety education and etiquette is often overlooked by both kids and teenagers today.

While most teens are more ahead of the curve than most parents when it comes to the internet, they may not have the knowledge to help keep them safe from online dangers and its potentially negative effects. On behalf of Girl Scouts of the USA and Microsoft Windows, I have been asked to to introduce you to a new initiative called “LMK (text-speak for “Let Me Know,”) which provides parents and girls with resources catering to both generations, and whose goal is to bridge the digital gap between parents and teenagers.

On, the girl-targeted website, teens can find interactive quizzes, videos, and expert articles to be informed about online safety in a fun way! Girls can comment on the site content, sharing their thoughts, experiences and perspectives on topics many teens face everyday, like cyberbullying and social networking. New content is pos…

Sue Scheff: Supporting Nikki - A Tribute to Nikki Catsouras

When a family loses a child, I can’t even imagine the pain they endure. How they wake up the next day, how they feel, what they feel and how they go on with life. When a family loses a child in a tragic accident it seems it could only compound all the feelings of loss.
On October 31, 2006 the Catsouras family experienced the nightmare every parent fears - losing a teen in a tragic automobile accident.
The accident was the beginning of an emotional roller coaster. If you haven’t heard about this story, it is time to take a moment and help make a difference. Nikki Catsouras, after having a horrific car accident was dead on impact, the scene was described as shocking as Nikki’s head was nearly decapitated.
Can you even imagine as a parent, learning of this? Can you imagine living through this? As a parent advocate and a parent of two young adults now, I couldn’t even begin to imagine what this family has gone through.
What follows next is nothing short of evil, in my opinion. Shortly after N…

Sue Scheff: Parenting and Keeping Your Kids Safe in Cyberspace

Author: Andy Greenberg

How To Keep Kids Safe Online

Every parent worries about the power of the Internet to expose kids to online predators. Less often discussed: tech’s power to expose kids to their own bad judgment.

Earlier this month, the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy and released a survey showing that two in five teens has sent sexually suggestive messages online. One in five has electronically sent or posted nude or semi-nude pictures or videos of themselves. And more than a third of teens in the survey say that those pictures tend to be shared beyond the intended recipient.

Teen exploitation online has long been a hot-button topic for tech-focused politics. Last year, popular teen social networks like MySpace and Facebook were the targets of investigations by several state attorneys generals seeking to purge sexual predators from the sites. MySpace responded by deleting the accounts of 29,000 users whose personal details ma…

Sue Scheff: Helping Your Teen With Job Searches

7 Ways Parents Can Help Kids With Job Searches Source: Radical Parenting by Vanessa Van Petten

Parents often walk a fine line between wanting to help their kids find a job and making their child feel nagged and overwhelmed. There are few things to keep in mind when helping your child with the job search:

1) Know they are feeling scared too

I often hear parents complain that the reason they are helping their kids with the search is because they do not think their kid’s are taking any initiative. This may or may not be true, but if you are feeling nervous and scared about them finding a job, then they are probably feeling it even worse. Be sensitive to the fact that they might not be showing you how vulnerable they really feel.

2) Approach Carefully

You can ask once or twice in a few day period if your child needs help. If they say no, back off, they might need their space, otherwise they might feel you are nagging them. This is also a rather sensitive subject and can be packed with all kinds…

Sue Scheff: Parent's Influence on Teen Drinking

Source: Connect with Kids

“My parents are pretty powerful in my life. I have their respect, and they have mine.”
– Deepak, 16 years old
Teenagers are bound to experiment with drugs, alcohol and sex – right?
Not necessarily, says 15-year-old Nick. “It’s not inevitable,” he says. “It’s just a personal decision.”
“There’s [sic] a lot of people who just don’t want to try any of that stuff, but there are some people who do,” says 15-year-old Chris Mullings.
The Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs reports that when underage drinkers are disciplined by their parents they are less likely to become heavy drinkers compared to kids whose parents ignore their drinking.
“My parents have a pretty big influence on everything that I believe in – what I will and won’t do,” says Elizabeth, 15.
Nick echoes her sentiments. “For all my decisions, I’m always thinking about what they taught me, and even if I don’t do what they said, it’s still always in my head,” he says.
What’s more, teens themselves say parent…

Sue Scheff: Stop Medicine Abuse

I was asked by caring parents and individuals to give people encouraging news. StopMedicineAbuse is making a difference in creating awareness in parents and helping open up the lines of communication with their teens and tweens today.

Although almost two-thirds parents have talked to their teens about cough medicine abuse, a large number still have not had this critical conversation. To help alert these parents, many OTC cough medicines will now feature the Stop Medicine Abuse educational icon (see above icon) on the packaging. Look for them on Facebook and join their Fan Club Group to stay updated.
How can you help?
More Parents Talking with Their Teens about Cough Medicine Abuse
Posted by Five Mom, Christy Crandell , on Monday, May 11, 2009
Our efforts to educate parents about medicine abuse have reached thousands of families in the United States. With your help, more parents than ever are learning about this risky teen substance abuse behavior and are talking with their teens. According…

Sue Scheff: Radical Parenting, Parenting From a New Perspective

Vanessa Van Petten has been such an inspiration to so many people and many parents! As a young adult she has given us the inside scoop on our teens and the way they are wired today! Her first fantastic book, You’re Grounded, How to Stop Fighting and Make the Teenage Years Easier, was written when she was 17 years old - helping parents see life through a teens eyes. Vanessa Van Petten is one of the nation’s youngest experts on parenting and youth. Her new website - Radical Parenting is becoming very busy!
Here is one of her most recent articles and I am confident many parents will enjoy reading it.


Last week I went over to a client’s house and was working with her on the time management lesson of my program. We were looking at her school planner and slotting in her homework and project schedule. I noticed that for Tuesday night she had highlighted, added stickers and highlighter smiley faces.

“Is it your birthday?” I asked.
“No, it’s the night of the 8…

Sue Scheff: Teens and Allowance

What an interesting topic and in today economy many parents have to make cut-backs. However when it comes to our kids allowance, what are the limits? More important, what lessons can be learned? Our kids need to be aware that being responsible with money should be a priority.
Source: Tangerine Times I AM NOT YOUR PIGGY BANK
During the week-end wrestling tournament I sat with two other parents for the better part of 12 hours. It was an endurance test. I’m glad I went but it was a long time. You really get to know others when you spend that many hours talking.

The talk turned to money. Specifically, how much allowance to pay a teen. One said they give their 17 year old son $150/month to be used for dates, extras and such. Frankly, given the financial position of this family, I was pleasantly surprised at their restraint. Additionally, their son is completely re-building a ‘66 Mustang for his car. Until it runs, he doesn’t have a car. Good way to learn something don’t you think?? I though…

Sue Scheff: Morning After Pill and Parenting Tips

Source: Connect with Kids

“There will be girls who use the ‘morning after pill’ in probably a very casual way. And not really take into account what that means.”

– Nancy McGarrah, Ph.D., Psychologist

Some experts worry that once the morning after, or ‘Plan B’ pill is available to 17 year old kids teen sexual activity will increase.

“Teenagers that will choose to have sex that weren’t having sex before,” says Psychologist Nancy McGarrah, “because they know that the ultimate fear of pregnancy isn’t an ultimate fear anymore.”

Some teenagers agree.

“They’ll know in the back of their minds ‘okay, this happens, I’ll just take the pill tomorrow,’” says 18-year-old Lauren Moskowitz.

“If you knew that you could stop fertilization or stop the sperm from coming, of course you’re going to do it, because there’s a greater chance that you know, you’re not going to get pregnant,” adds 19-year-old Angel Goldring. “So I think it’ll increase sexual activity if the pill is introduced.”

The morning after pill ra…

Sue Scheff: Top Ten Teen Youth Volunteers Receive Awards

The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards, the United States’ largest youth recognition program based solely on volunteer service. For their extraordinary efforts in serving others through volunteerism, ten middle and high school students from across the country were named America’s top ten youth volunteers for 2009 in a ceremony at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce headquarters, capping the 14th year of The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards.

Each year, The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards honors the outstanding community service of young Americans. The results are now in the top ten youth volunteers from the May 4th ceremony have been announced! Want to watch the winners receive their awards? I invite you readers to watch a webcast event, replaying all of the wonderfully inspiring moments and announcements:

You can get your children and community involved by encouraging them to visit where they can find …

Sue Scheff: Teen Entrepreneur and Summer Volunteering

With today's economy teens and kids are watching or hearing about many of their families having to cut back and become more aware of what they are spending. As parents we need to encourage our kids to look at their future - build a foundation - nurture a dream. With today's technology the ideas are always expanding. Check out this article and get your kids started in a positive direction!

Source: Connect with Kids
Teen Entrepreneur “I’m a gigantic believer in the value of an entrepreneurial experience- if there’s any time in someone’s life when they ought to take a risk it’s when they are not saddled with an enormous number of financial and family responsibilities.”

– Andrea Hershatter, Ph.D., M.B.A.

When today’s teens talk about what they want to be when they grow up … the answer that is becoming more common than ever is: my own boss.

Like a lot of college freshmen, Sean Belnick has a job on the side. He works for a company that brings in more than 20-million dollars a year. It’s…

Why Kids Cheat and How to Stop it

I am again so impressed with the articles that bring to parents, educators and others working our children of the future. Take a moment to learn more.


by Rose Garrett
Topics: Character Development, Promoting Good Character in Your Child, Teen Issues, more...
High School

These days, it seems like cheating is everywhere, from the baseball diamond to the classroom. With stories of professional dishonesty and performance-enhancing drugs permeating the adult world, it's no wonder that studies show academic cheating among children and teens on the rise. But while cheating on a test or plagiarizing an essay may seem a quick way to get a leg up, students are actually holding themselves back from the type of meaningful learning that will serve them best in life.

So how can parents keep kids from cheating in a society that seems to stress winning at any cost? According to Eric Anderman, Professor of Educational Psychology at The Ohio State University and co-ed…

Sue Scheff: Families Fighting Flu

As a parent, you want to do everything in your power to protect your children. With the recent H1N1 flu outbreak (initially called “swine flu”), FFF is sharing some important steps that you can take right now to help protect you and your loved ones.
1. Covering your nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze. You can even teach your children to cough into their elbows.
2. Stressing the importance of washing hands often with soap and water. Any alcohol-based hand cleansers are effective as well.
3. Disinfecting frequently touched surfaces with an appropriate bleach-based solution. As you know, germs can spread by touching infected surfaces and then your eyes, nose or mouth.
For more information, please visit and please listen to this Public Service Announcement: