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Again, another enlightening parent Blog and website that can offer you new insights on parenting today. This bright and cheery site can give you a sense of ease and relieve some of the stress you may be going through with your teen.

Take time to review this fantastic website with tips and resources. Here are a couple of tips from FINK Family Communication Experts.

Parenting Teens Tip One- what do you do when your child swears at you?

Firstly I believe every household should have clear ground rules about what is and what is not negotiable in your house and I believe that searing is absolutely one of those non-negotiable baselines. By letting your child swear at you and get away with minor infringements you are giving them a pass to do more disrespectful things. When I was in the police I saw huge crime back spots turned around by focusing on the minor infringements and I believe the same applies to your home. Zero tolerance on the minor will prevent the major.

So here is an easy process that you can use in your home when you child swears.
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Are you doing too much for your children?

I was recently on the phone with a client and trying to get my point across, the point being that sometimes we have to let go and allow our children to make mistakes, as that is the only way they will learn. I was getting nowhere, so I came up with a distinction that I want to share with you. It was the distinction between parent as slave and parent as leader.

OK, here was the situation, the usual teen getting out of bed situation. Mum knocks on the bedroom door, teen ignores and everyone is running around at the last minute. My challenge for the parent was in handing the responsibility for her child getting up in the morning over to her daughter, letting her suffer the consequences, whatever they may be. However, this parent was having a real challenge with that and what might happen. So, I simply asked her whether she wanted to be a slave to her child, or a leader. To be a leader you cannot take the easy route. Here is the distinction…
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