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Suicide Prevention Month: Warning Signs

A parent’s worst nightmare is surviving a child’s suicide. It’s not natural to outlive your child, especially to suicide. September is National Suicide Prevention Month however this topic is one that needs attention 365 days a year. Kids In The House offers a library of videos by experts to help educate parents on teen suicide prevention.  Today’s generation of online peer pressure in combination with offline only complicates our teen’s stress and anxiety. The world of cyberspace has created a new level of concern for many parents – and they must continue to be in touch with their teen’s emotional lives both offline and online.  It’s why your offline chats are so important – frequently. American Foundation for Suicide offers the following warning signs for parents of teens and youth: Take it seriously, even if your friend brushes it offSuicidal ideation (continual suicidal thoughts) is not typical and reflects a larger problemAn angry friend is better than a dead friendAsk, listen, tell…