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Teen Internet Addiction Detox Programs

The world of technology is consuming many of us. Parents and teens alike are rarely without some gadget in their hand or very close to them.
When do you know that it's become harmful to your health?
Teen Internet Addiction Warning Signs: You suffer from anxiety. You may use the internet to distract yourself from your worries and fears. An anxiety disorder like obsessive-compulsive disorder may also contribute to excessive email checking and compulsive internet use.You are depressed. The Internet can be an escape from feelings of depression, but too much time online can make things worse. Internet addiction further contributes to stress, isolation, and loneliness.You have any other addictions. Many internet addicts suffer from other addictions, such as drugs, alcohol, gambling, and sex.You lack social support. Internet addicts often use social networking sites, instant messaging, or online gaming as a safe way of establishing new relationships and more confidently relating to others…