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Sue Scheff: Teen Transportation - Teen Escort - Safe and Sound Youth Transportation is the Best!

If you have never had to deal with a teenager that has been out-of-control or extremely defiant, using drugs, hanging with the wrong peer group or making extremely bad choices, you may never hear of teen transportation or also known as teen escorts.

For the many families that have employed the services of a teen transportation company, one name always is clear – Safe and Sound Youth Transportation.

When a parent comes to the conclusion they need to get their teen outside help of a residential therapy school or program, many will contact the owner of Safe and Sound Youth Transportation, Lorraine Colpitts.  What you will find is a caring, nurturing, well-educated and professional in her field on the other end of the phone.

Just recently a Broward County family used the services of Safe and Sound Youth Transportation and as difficult as it was, it was a decision they made in the best interest of their daughter. As their daughter was smoking pot, frequently not coming home and simply d…

Sue Scheff: PTA - Getting Parents and Teachers Involved

There are many chapters of the Parent and Teacher Association (PTA) and they are always a great way to get involved and stay involved in your child’s school.

Education is key to your child’s success in life, and being part of that is a vital part to learning.  It is true, we are in tough times.  Many kids are in single family households or both parents working or parents with more than one job.  This means the time spent with your kids diminishes.

Parent involvement is crucial to the health and well-being of a child. As a parent, you are the most important influence in your child’s success in school and in life. In this role, you have a fresh opportunity every day to get involved with your child.

Parent involvement in childrens education allows kids to perform better in school, and navigate more easily some of the challenges of growing up, such as bullying.

PTA is committed to being the leading resource for parent involvement. We offer comprehensive resources for helping…

Sue Scheff: STOMP Out Bullying Before School Opens

Broward County has seen enough of the consequences bullying, text rage and cyberbullying.
Last October the fury of a teen being doused in alcohol then set on fire by other teens is literally incomprehensible, however it happened to 15 year-old Michael Brewer.

Just 5 months later in March of 2010, we all were shocked at the rage of a teen as he savagely beat 15 year-old Josie Ratley nearly to death with his steel toe boots.

Coincidentally both these students were attending Deerfield Beach Middle School. Both Josie Lou Ratley and Michael Brewers are survivors of vicious attacks.  Did these stem from bullying?

As school opens shortly, STOMP Out Bullying™ which is an initiative of Love Our Children USA™ the national nonprofit leader that honors, respects and protects children, launches their new website!

STOMP Out Bullying focuses on reducing and preventing bullying, cyberbullying, sexting and other digital abuse, decreasing school absenteeism and truancy, educating against homophobia, r…

Sue Scheff: Parent Excuses for Bad Teen Behavior

No one likes to admit they are struggling with their teenager.  No one wants others to know what is really going on behind closed doors.  No parent wants to end up in a juvenile court room, not to mention visiting their teen in jail.  Face it, parenting isn't easy but there are many things we cannot control as parents.

Most parents didn't raise our kids to use drugs.  Parents don't tell their children to join the local gang (and I am not speaking of a sports club).  Parents don't tell their kids to treat them like dirt.  Defiance and belligerence are not behaviors parents encourage.

So who is to blame?  Where are today's teens picking up this blatant disrespect for authority, dropping out school, using drugs and running away?

There can be many factors, however every family is unique with their issues.  Whether it is a divorce, a death in the family, parents working several jobs and not having time for their kids, the causes could be almost anything.

At the en…

Sue Scheff: Good Kids, Bad Choices - Is it Bad Parenting?

The recent New York Times article, Accepting That Good Parents May Plant Bad Seedsby Dr. Richard A. Friedman,  has started a lot of great conversations. (Watch video below).

Fact is there are many great parents and they are doing a great job at raising their kids, but every so often you will hit that pothole in the road.  Parenting today is extremely challenging.  It is not only discussing the birds and bees that is critical, talking to your kids about the dangers of online scams, predators not to mention the prevalence of stranger danger today.

Yes, this generation is completely different.  We have gone from Mad Men to Middle to Modern Family and somehow all these shows can mirror one time of our life or another.

Good kids do make bad choices.  That is called life experiences, but if these experiences escalate to a point that is endangering the teen or the family, it may be time for outside help.  Many times the parent can be in such denial that they continue to make excuses for the…

Sue Scheff: STOMP Out Bullying Launches New Website

Shortly school will be opening throughout our country, bullying is an expanding and explosive form of malicious attacks on kids and teens.  Whether you are being attacked verbally or online, bullying hurts!  Bullying can leave long lasting emotional scars that people may not be able to see on the outside, but on the inside a child is hurting.

STOMP Out Bullying™ is an initiative of Love Our Children USA™ the National nonprofit leader that honors, respects and protects children. Its mission is to break the cycle of violence against children. Since 1999, it has paved the way in prevention and has become the 'Go-To' prevention organization for all forms of violence and neglect against children in the U.S.

STOMP Out Bullying has proudly launched their new website as a new school year is about to begin.  This website offers a vast amount of educational and valuable information on bullying prevention, hotlines, and many fantastic celebrity videos and PSA's.

For parents, educ…

Sue Scheff: Tough Love and Teen Help

How much is a parent supposed to tolerate before they reach their wit's end?

How many times do you blame negative behavior on the friends they are hanging with, since your teen would never act like this? (Not my Kid)

How long do you continue to allow your teen to speak to you with disrespect and defiance?

How much is too much?

Let's face it, parenting teens today has become more challenging than years before.  Think about your generation.  When your parent said to be home at 10:00pm, most were home by 9:50pm.  Why?  Because we respected our parents.  We also knew there would be consequences.

Was that considered tough love?  Not really, it was simply following the rules of the house.  These simple boundaries seem to have disappeared in many homes.

Is it because there are more single parent households?  Is it because most families have both parents working, meaning there is less supervision?

Without a doubt, the level of respect that some teens show today is despicable.  N…

Sue Scheff: Wilderness Programs, Boot Camps - Think Twice

You have a teen that is driving you crazy.  You have a teen that is experimenting, if not using drugs on a regular basis.  You have teen that has changed peer groups - and not for the better.  You have a teen that has disengaged from the family.  You have a teen that is defiant, belligerent and can become violent.  You have a teen that doesn't appreciate all they have and all you have sacrificed for them?  You are at your wit's end!

Is it time to have an intervention?  What is best to insure that your teen gets back on a positive road to have that bright future you always wanted for them?

Let's review some choices to get help:

Wilderness Therapeutic ProgramsShort term program, short term results, usually zero academics, extremely expensive and as many teens state they have great experiences, it is usually never enough to make lasting positive changes.
The concept: Remove the kids from their comforts of home.  Get them to reflect on themselves from within. Thoug…

Sue Scheff: LISTEN - Are you hearing what your teens are saying?

Parenting can be challenging and you will hear over and over again communication is key.  Key to many topics including teaching your children the dangers of substance abuse, navigating social networking, talking to strangers, the conversation of sex, and much more. 

Listening is a skill that doesn't come easy to many people, however parents especially need to use their ears and eyes to not only hear but to listen to their kids.

Family Education has some great reasons and advice to enhance your listening skills.  Take the time to review them and become a better parent to your children and even your own friends.
Listening carefully is how you gather information about what's going on in your child's life and head. Listening effectively builds strong relationships. Listening thoughtfully shows respect. Listening is always the first step in solving problems. Listening to your child's perspective will teach you a lot. Kids are smarter than most grown-ups think, an…

Sue Scheff: High School Diploma's vs GED's

Wow – this is a topic I speak with parents about on almost a daily basis.  Teens today think it is an easy solution – drop out of school and get a GED!  Years ago, it was not only frowned upon – it was targeted at those in trouble with the law, another words, juvenile delinquents.  Take a minute to read these parenting tips from Connect with Kids – help keep your teens in school!

Source: Connect with Kids

“If you get your high school diploma, you’re going to be better off. If you get some college, you’re going to be better off. If you get a bachelors degree, you’re going to be better off.”
– Martin Segura, Education Counselor

For some students, earning a GED seemed like the next best thing to a high school degree. But a new report from the University of Chicago finds that a GED holds little value in helping students succeed in today’s competitive job market.

Tanya dropped out of high school after her sophomore year. “That was my dream, to walk across that stage, bu…

Sue Scheff: What Parents Can Learn from Celebrity Tirade - Parent and Teen Rage

When you think of Mel Gibson, you immediately think Hollywood.  Tinsel Town USA which is not only home to many celebrities, it is home to many parents.  Whether you are a celebrity parent or an average working mom or dad, the stress and frustrations of a household, can sometimes drive you to your wit's end.
Unfortunately for celebrities, like Mel Gibson, the entire world is watching.  The audio tapes released are being tagged as potentially manipulated or other excuses, however the fact is there - we heard them, we felt them - and many maybe even silently related to them.

As experts dissect this tirade, and media talk hosts have their opinions, the issue of mental illness is lingering. If you as a parent have found yourself reaching this level of rage, or worse, have seen your teen reaching this extent of anger and rage, it should be a red flag to get help now. listed some warning signs that your anger may be getting out-of-control:
You find yourself getting a…

Sue Scheff: National Make Difference with Children Month

July is National Make a Difference to Children Month.

As families are enjoying their summer vacations, time at the beach, time with friends, and simply having fun in the sun, there are children that are suffering. Children that are hungry. Children that are being harmed and children that need you to help them make a change.

During National Make a Difference to Children Month, find it in your heart to dig into your wallet and make a difference to a child today. Every dollar counts, every donation can help bring a smile to a child somewhere.

Nationally, Love our Children USA has brought an awareness to violence among children. Since 1999 they have been the leader in violence prevention and continue to expand through Bullying and cyberbullying is a growing concern today, and again Love Our Children USA is taking a stand to educate and inform people about bullying prevention.

Learn how you can donate today. Is there someone that is special to you? Peopl…

Sue Scheff: Fake Drug has Real Consequences

As parents scramble to keep up with the challenges of raising teens today, they are now thrown another curve ball. Most know that smoking pot, although not legal and seems to becoming more addictive among youths, is a trend that some parents brush under the rug with the justification that "it is only pot."

Now parents have a new concern and it is is being called, K2 - or "Spice," Genie" and "Zohai" - that is commonly sold in head shops as incense and referred to as the "fake-pot". Users roll it up in joints or inhale it from pipes, just like the real thing.

Synthetic marijuana is the trendy new way to get high, which is legal, but consequences could be dangerous.  It is marketed as incense, however many are trying to get it banned.  The package warns not to consume the product, however this is exactly what teens and others are doing.

Nationwide, the American Association of Poison Control Centers logged 567 cases across 41 state…

Sue Scheff: How Healthy is Your Teen?

Today Susan White is a guest Blogger with a great post about, How Healthy is Your Teen.

How Healthy is Your Teen?

By Susan White

My close friend and mother of two young boys (let’s call her G) was taken to task by both her mother and mother-in-law for the sole reason of getting her teen son to wake up an hour earlier each morning and taking a jog or going for a brisk walk on the treadmill. He had been a chubby baby, but what was cute as a kid was turning out to be both embarrassing and unhealthy as an adolescent. G took matters into her hands when she realized her son showed no inclination to join a sport or indulge in any form of exercise; she brought home a treadmill, and after a few persuasive talks (and bargaining sessions) with her son, she convinced him to get some exercise on it every day.

Mother and son would begin the day in the basement – G would go a few miles on the stationary bike while her son jogged along on the treadmill. They not only got in a good workout …

Nevada Christian Troubled Teen Boarding School - Formerly Horizon Academy (Another name change?)

Is it true?  Teen Help Programs, many that were under the WWASPS (World Wide Association of Specialty Programs and Schools) is on the move again?

Since our horrific experience with them, - the victory of my litigation with them - winning in a jury trial, as well as winning an $11M jury verdict for Internet Defamation damages done to me, I have noticed they are moving, changing, and assuming that new parents won't realize it could possibly be the same people behind different masks.

I wonder why they are now falling back on the Christian component.  I am Christian and I know God forgives, but when my child is involved, it is a bit disturbing to think they can continue with this.  This is strictly my opinion, however if you are seeking residential therapy for your teen, be sure to do your homework.

Read more on - and  here is one of the most recent changes. Click here. Learn more about me at - of course, they will try …

Sue Scheff: Ten Tips for Taming Your Tongue - Cuss Control

Here are 10 great tips to help you and your teens to stop using foul language.  Cuss Control by James V. O'Connor:

Your language might offend some people, but the tone and attitude behind your words do far greater damage to all of your relationships.

Even if your friends and associates commonly use cuss words, you will be perceived as more mature, intelligent, articulate, polite, considerate and pleasant if you control your language and the emotions that typically prompt expletives. You can choose to have character and class, or be considered rude, crude and crass.

Cursing is sometimes humorous, but sometimes abusive. It can help vent anger, or provoke it. It can relieve stress, or cause it. It can be clever and flirtatious, or sexist and intimidating. Consequently, be aware of when and where you swear. Control it, tame it, time it. Or, to be o…

Sue Scheff: Teen Help - 15 Tips for Residential Therapy for Teens

Just when you think you know it all, enjoying your time with your baby, that turns to a toddler, that becomes a little girl/boy – then the teen thing can hit when you least expect it!  How do I know, because it happened to me!  I was at my wit’s end when I struggled through a bumpy time with my daughter.  Thankfully, that was almost a decade ago, but some things don’t change – and that is teenagers!

If you have discovered your teen is escalating out of control and you need to find outside help, take the time to do your research and find the best program/school for them.  The teen help industry is a “big business” and if you are not careful, you could get stung.

I have compiled a list of tips when looking at different options.  My book, Wit’s End, can offer much more.  Also visit my website – for more instant information.

1. Can I speak with the program’s owner, director or therapist? Avoid desperate salespeople, who may be tempted to advise you bas…

Sue Scheff: Wealth vs Health - Money is always good to have, but good health is priceless

Guest Blogger, Susan White, from Radiology Technician Schools, has provided an educational article for parenting your kids towards good health!

Give Your Children the Gift of Good Health

By Susan White

The best legacy we can pass on to our children is not money or wealth; it’s good health, and the only way we can do that is to instill in them the value of eating the right food and leading an active life right from childhood. With all the varieties of junk food and flavors of soda crowding the market and jostling for space in your cupboards, it’s hard to get your child to eat vegetables and fruits, but the only way to ensure that they are not obese children who grow up into unhealthy, pasty and fat adults with high levels of cholesterol who are at risk for diabetes, cardiac diseases and strokes is to make them understand that their food choices at an early age dictate who they become when they mature into adulthood.

Your job is made more difficult by the commercia…

Sue Scheff: Independence Day 2010 - Eat, Pray, Love - Do it with Your Family

Many are anxiously waiting for the new movie starring Julia Roberts, Eat, Pray, Love based on the best-selling book by Elizabeth Gilbert.

When you think about raising your children today, you can think about all these parts of your life.  Find your appetite in life, be a good parent and be kind to yourself too!

Eating is survival. If you diligently try to have at least one meal together as a family daily, chances are very good you will be able to increase your communication with your children, especially teenagers, and build a stronger family union.

Prayer is different to all people.  No matter what your religious beliefs are, to be passionate about your family, your children and your life is to bring positive affirmations into your day.  Whether it is considered praying or simply meditating, it is time for you to take for yourself to have a better life.

Love. What a simple yet complex four-letter word.  We all love our children, and yes, even our teenagers, howev…

Sue Scheff: Teen Girls Drinking to Cope with Stress

Dr. Michele Borba, Parenting Expert and author of over 26 books, including The Big Book of Parenting Solutions, has just given us another sneak peek into her research on parenting.

Recently featured on Dr. Phil, Michele Borba is one of our country's leading Parenting Expert and has put together an encyclopedia-like book of parenting solutions.  Inside you will find just about every answer to every issue from toddlers to teenagers.  Here is some her her findings on teenagers:

Think drinking is only a “boy” problem? Just-released data from the Partnership for a Drug-Free America may make you think again. The survey results on 3287 teens in grades nine through twelve reveal a troubling trend—especially for girls. And why kids are getting high is particularly disturbing. Study highlights include:
More than two-thirds of teen girls admit using drugs to help them cope with stress at home Half of the girls said that drugs help them forget their troubles Teens state a key rea…

Sue Scheff: Questions Never to Ask Your Teen or Tween

Guest Blogs are fantastic - and Michele Borba is not only a very good friend of mine, she is one of our country's leading Parenting Expert.  When I read her recent Blog, I begged to be able to share it! (Actually, I didn't have to beg, Michele doesn't mind sharing her knowledge!)  Enjoy your "reality check" Blog for this holiday weekend..... 

By Michele Borba

Talking with an adolescent can be like walking through a minefield. At any moment you could be asking what you thought was a simple, sincere question only to find it triggering an explosive response. You know that communication keeps you connected to your child, but it often seems to backfire because of the type of questions asked.

Research proves our instincts: The number one antidote to risky-kid behavior is a strong relationship with a parent. Believe it or not our kids even like us and want us in their lives! (Really!!!!) A recent Girl Scout of America survey found that tween girls want their mo…