Sue Scheff: What Parents Can Learn from Celebrity Tirade - Parent and Teen Rage

When you think of Mel Gibson, you immediately think Hollywood.  Tinsel Town USA which is not only home to many celebrities, it is home to many parents.  Whether you are a celebrity parent or an average working mom or dad, the stress and frustrations of a household, can sometimes drive you to your wit's end.
Unfortunately for celebrities, like Mel Gibson, the entire world is watching.  The audio tapes released are being tagged as potentially manipulated or other excuses, however the fact is there - we heard them, we felt them - and many maybe even silently related to them.

As experts dissect this tirade, and media talk hosts have their opinions, the issue of mental illness is lingering. If you as a parent have found yourself reaching this level of rage, or worse, have seen your teen reaching this extent of anger and rage, it should be a red flag to get help now. listed some warning signs that your anger may be getting out-of-control:
  • You find yourself getting angry at everything that inconveniences you, annoys you or otherwise gets in the way of what you want to be doing,
  • It leads you to act out aggressively or violently as in yelling, ranting, hitting, shoving or plotting revenge,
  • It consumes you long after the event has passed, if you dwell on the things that make you angry then you’re in trouble because normal anger is only a temporary emotional response to unsettling eternal stimuli,
  • Things that didn’t used to make you angry are suddenly major issues worthy of a rant, this does not apply to times when you have suppressed normal anger only to times that anger really isn’t merited, for example when somebody gets a higher grade than you or when a person is taking too long in the bathroom,
  • You find yourself doing self destructive things to cope with your angry feelings, such as reckless driving, hazardous recreational activities, physical fighting, drugs and alcohol or, unsafe or random sexual activity.
Be an educated parent, you will have safer and healthier teens.

Listen to tirade: VIEWER WARNING - Language is not appropriate for all ages.
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