Sue Scheff: National Make Difference with Children Month

July is National Make a Difference to Children Month.

As families are enjoying their summer vacations, time at the beach, time with friends, and simply having fun in the sun, there are children that are suffering. Children that are hungry. Children that are being harmed and children that need you to help them make a change.

During National Make a Difference to Children Month, find it in your heart to dig into your wallet and make a difference to a child today. Every dollar counts, every donation can help bring a smile to a child somewhere.

Nationally, Love our Children USA has brought an awareness to violence among children. Since 1999 they have been the leader in violence prevention and continue to expand through Bullying and cyberbullying is a growing concern today, and again Love Our Children USA is taking a stand to educate and inform people about bullying prevention.

Learn how you can donate today. Is there someone that is special to you? People that are hard to buy for or have everything they need? Make a personal gift, a gift in honor of someone or in memory of someone. Giving a little can mean a lot, don't delay, send what you can today! Click here.

Whether you are in Duval or St. John's County, you can make a difference today. Let's help show how much North Florida cares about our future. Remember, children are our future.

Watch video and read more.

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