Nevada Christian Troubled Teen Boarding School - Formerly Horizon Academy (Another name change?)

Is it true?  Teen Help Programs, many that were under the WWASPS (World Wide Association of Specialty Programs and Schools) is on the move again?

Since our horrific experience with them, - the victory of my litigation with them - winning in a jury trial, as well as winning an $11M jury verdict for Internet Defamation damages done to me, I have noticed they are moving, changing, and assuming that new parents won't realize it could possibly be the same people behind different masks.

I wonder why they are now falling back on the Christian component.  I am Christian and I know God forgives, but when my child is involved, it is a bit disturbing to think they can continue with this.  This is strictly my opinion, however if you are seeking residential therapy for your teen, be sure to do your homework.

Read more on - and  here is one of the most recent changes. Click here. Learn more about me at - of course, they will try to discredit me, but who can blame them.  They print a lot of slime about me, but the legal system recognized the truth and I am confident parents will too.

You can also read my book at - published by the home of Chicken Soup for the Soul.

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