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Wilderness Programs: Does My Teen Need One?

Have you been told your teen needs a wilderness program? As a Parent Advocate and Family Consultant in the Teen Help Industry since 2001, there’s no secret -it’s a big business. On a weekly basis we receive calls from parents that have parted with thousands of dollars after a conversation with someone that advises them that their teenager needs a wilderness experience. But how do you really know this? Take time to consider the following. Wilderness programs, why are some people always so quick to say, “Your teen needs a good wilderness experience.” Do you really understand what a wilderness program is? Do you understand that the majority of participants are asked to continue on to a Residential Treatment Center (RTC) or Therapeutic Boarding School (TBS) – which means your teen will be starting all over again with a new therapist as well as youpaying all over again for start-up fees? Why not start and finish in one place? Well, some Educational Consultants will tell you that your child n…