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Teen Drug Use: From Marijuana to Pills to Heroin

Parents can be naive when it comes to their teen using marijuana today.  The fact is, it's not the marijuana from generations earlier.  Yes, it is legalized today and there are valid reasons for this, however there are still studies and reasons that the drug use for minors can potentially cause them harm.

More importantly, it can lead to different types of drug experimentation which are more risky and even potentially deadly.

 It's no different with pills.

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How is marijuana likely to affect you?Learning: Marijuana’s effects on attention and memory make it difficult to learn something new or do complex tasks that require focus and concentration.  Sports: Marijuana affects timing, movement, and coordination, which can harm athletic performance. 
Judgment: Marijuana, like most abused substances, can alter judgment. This can lead to risky behaviors that can expose the user to sexually transmitted diseases like HIV. 
Source: National Inst…