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Teen Runaway: What Parents Need to Know


Transporting Your Teen to a Therapeutic Boarding School

It is a common question, "how will I get my teen to the program, he is refusing to do anything?"

We help parents with struggling teens that are looking to give them a second opportunity at a bright future -- many times this includes a residential treatment center or therapeutic boarding school.

Rarely does their teen want to attend these programs.  By the time the parent calls us, their teenager is usually at the point of defiance, maybe experimenting with drugs, alcohol, sneaking out, failing in school, and possibly worse.

Getting help in not in the teenager's immediate plan - they would prefer to "hang" with their new less than desirable peer group.

With this many parents have had to hire transport services.

Don't panic, like with everything on the Internet - you can find the good and the bad online.

I encourage parents to do their due diligence when it comes to selecting your transport just as you did when you selected your program.

How do you know if th…

Residential Therapy: My teen has been in therapy, why is residential therapy different?

Many parents call us all the time with two scenarios.

1)  My teen refuses to go to a therapist or counselor


2)  My teen has been in therapy for years and it hasn't made a difference.  Even has changed therapist several times and nothing changes.

So why will residential treatment make a difference?

Fact is, we don't have a crystal ball but there is definitely a difference.  The one-on-one therapy once a week at home (in a doctor's office) is completely different than being in a therapeutic setting where all your child's activity is geared towards building him up to make better choices and also helping him to reflect on why he was making the negative ones that brought him to where he is now.

Removing your teen from their comfort zone of home and mostly of their peer group can substantially change the way they think and react to situations.  You can finally peel back the layer they have to protect their egos (attitudes) and determine where all this negative behavior w…