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Teen Help and Residential Therapy: Good Teens Making Bad Choices ~ Parent's Making The Right Decision


Red River Academy, Youth Foundation Inc, Teen Help Programs Sales Reps

You are searching for a program for your struggling teen.  You have reached your wit's end and bumped into websites that seem to promise to help you.  After being stunned by the sticker shock, you start surfing the web a bit and suddenly realize everything isn't want it seems.

Yes, River View Academy (Utah), River River Academy, Youth Foundation, Cross Creek, and even those sales people.


And who am I.

Well, if you ask these teen help "sales reps" they will tell you that I am a disgruntled parent that attempted to manipulate their referral system.  Okay, funny a jury trial didn't find that.  There has been many lawsuits filed against this organization, though many have been settled quietly, mine was the only one to go to a jury trial - in Salt Lake City.  I was not taking this sitting down.

The Internet is a very deceptive place.  You see, there is Internet fact and Internet fiction.

The Internet can be an educational tool, as well as a lethal weapon.


Dealing with Peer Pressure in Middle School

Teens and preteens are very susceptible to the desire to feel as though they belong and are accepted among their peers. However, peer pressure can often have a very negative influence on how they behave, and, even more importantly, how they feel about themselves. As your child enters middle school, peer pressure can escalate as classmates begin pushing the boundaries set by both parents and schools.

As parents, you are still the largest influence in your kids’ lives, giving you an opportunity to help them cope with this peer pressure.

Here are ten ways you can help.
Be Proactive – Don’t wait for problems or topics to arise to discuss them with your middle school child. Instead, be proactive and have the hard conversations about drugs, alcohol, tobacco and sex with her. Let her know your point of view and the hard truths about these subjects that they will face one way or another.Speak Up – When you notice a certain friend or group of friends seems to be a poor influence,…

Preparing for Summer With Teens

By Amity Chandler, former DFCC Executive Director

At a recent community presentation of primarily retired individuals, I mentioned that we like to remind parents that have students at home during the summer to throw out the leftover liquor bottles from holiday celebrations. The retired individuals promptly noted that they would take those "donations," as their children were already raised and out of the home. Whether you "donate" your lingering supply to a teen-free neighbor, or simply dump it, here are some tips to navigate summer with your teen:

 First, let's debunk summer. There is nothing magical about it, except that teens tend to have more free time and there is a strong correlation between free time and risk-taking among teens. This could mean riding their bike into the pool, walking through the drive-thru, or an all-nighter of the Jersey Shore.  It could also mean the temptation to experiment with alcohol, marijuana or sexual activity. Short…