Red River Academy, Youth Foundation Inc, Teen Help Programs Sales Reps

Don't get scammed because you are desperate for help.
You are searching for a program for your struggling teen.  You have reached your wit's end and bumped into websites that seem to promise to help you.  After being stunned by the sticker shock, you start surfing the web a bit and suddenly realize everything isn't want it seems.

Yes, River View Academy (Utah), River River Academy, Youth Foundation, Cross Creek, and even those sales people.


And who am I.

Well, if you ask these teen help "sales reps" they will tell you that I am a disgruntled parent that attempted to manipulate their referral system.  Okay, funny a jury trial didn't find that.  There has been many lawsuits filed against this organization, though many have been settled quietly, mine was the only one to go to a jury trial - in Salt Lake City.  I was not taking this sitting down.

The Internet is a very deceptive place.  You see, there is Internet fact and Internet fiction.

The Internet can be an educational tool, as well as a lethal weapon.

Fact:  WWASPS (and whatever names they want to use now, and personally I find it very hard to keep up with all these name changes, and claims they are not part of WWASPS -- though many of the employees seem to stay the same) lost their case against me in a jury trial proving that my story - A Parent's True Story can remain online since I obviously had truth on my side.  Yes, truth that my daughter was harmed in one of their programs (now closed) and I was duped by them (those people are still working there - including Lisa Irvin).

Funny, they originally were telling parents - the jury made a mistake.  I think the majority of parents could see through this.

Now we come to phase two:

Let's ruin Sue Scheff with the keyboard and get some trolls - because you know there are many people that don't like any programs out there.  The next thing we know there is an all out slim online campaign against me - and I am the target of cyber-bullets.  Again in a legal arena, I take this court and win an astounding landmark case, when many had never heard of Internet Defamation, I fought to prove this is what was happening to me!

So now parents when these "sales reps" like Lezlee and Lisa send parents slanderous links about me it is all part of their marketing plan, in my opinion.

You don't have to believe me or them.  I only ask you do your due diligence to find safe and quality help for your teenager.

I believe in residential therapy, I also know there are many excellent programs in our country.  Be an educated parent---you will find safe and healthy programs for your at-risk teenager.

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