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Let's Be Real: An Honest Approach to Living Life for Teens

As we recently witnessed teens having their college acceptance’s revoked due to their lack of judgment online, we also recognize the challenges that our youth have when role models are acting like children both online and off. It’s almost on a weekly basis we are reading about adults that are losing their jobs from a twisted Tweet or mis-post that gets them in hot water. If a grown-up can’t contain their emotions online, can you imagine how hard it is for these kids to constraint themselves? This is exactly why they need guidance from parents — and even role models. Studies have revealed that parents can be the most influential person in their teenager’s life. From their decisions on sex and relationships to when they are faced with the peer pressure of drugs and alcohol, kids are listening to their parents. What’s really important is they are also watching you. According to a Stage of Life survey, 97 percent of teens learn manners and civility from home. Let’s Be Real: Teen’s can be …