Sue Scheff: Teen Girls Drinking to Cope with Stress

Dr. Michele Borba, Parenting Expert and author of over 26 books, including The Big Book of Parenting Solutions, has just given us another sneak peek into her research on parenting.

Recently featured on Dr. Phil, Michele Borba is one of our country's leading Parenting Expert and has put together an encyclopedia-like book of parenting solutions.  Inside you will find just about every answer to every issue from toddlers to teenagers.  Here is some her her findings on teenagers:

Think drinking is only a “boy” problem? Just-released data from the Partnership for a Drug-Free America may make you think again. The survey results on 3287 teens in grades nine through twelve reveal a troubling trend—especially for girls. And why kids are getting high is particularly disturbing. Study highlights include:
  • More than two-thirds of teen girls admit using drugs to help them cope with stress at home
  • Half of the girls said that drugs help them forget their troubles
  • Teens state a key reason for drug and alcohol use is as a way to “escape for a short period of time”
  • Research found alcohol and marijuana use increasing in boys and girls alike
Key Findings from the 2009 Partnership Attitude Tracking Survey (Get Smart About Drugs)

Teen Alcohol Use

53% of girls: in 2008
59% of girls: in 2009
50% of boys: in 2008
52% of boys: in 2009

Teen Marijuana Use

28% of girls: in 2008
39% of girls: in 2009
34% of boys: in 2008
39% of boys: in 2009
As we go into summer and the first big summer blast long weekend, be an educated parent, talk to your teens!

To read more about The Big Book of Parenting Solutions, check out the 10-part series that includes sibling rivalry, why kids lie, social scenes, gifted children, peer influences, sex talk and much more.

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