Top Ten Blogger Personas: The Mobosphere Unveiled by John Dozier (Dozier Internet Law)

The Top Ten Blogger Personas: The Mobosphere Unveiled
By John Dozer, Esq. (Dozier Internet Law)
Ever since Congress passed Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act giving immunity to interactive service providers for publishing the defamation of others, a wide range of characters has arisen and infiltrated the mainstream blogosphere. Instead of becoming a source for obtaining reliable information, the blogosphere, and user generated content, is at risk of becoming a less credible information source. Dozier Internet Law is constantly battling these “black hat” forces and over the past several years we have acquired quite an insight into this underworld; an anonymous and covert society bent on terrorizing businesses. These are our internal thoughts on the matter, and not scientific analyses. We are not psychiatrists; just trial lawyers trained for almost fifty years to figure out the human nature of clients, witnesses, and juries.....
Click here for the entire article and the "Top Ten Blogger Personas."
This article really hit home with a lot of what I have been through. To put a profile to people that feel it is o-kay to defame and slander others (Cyberbullies), helps you to almost understand some of the dysfunctional people that are in Cyberspace.
It also shows me we need to take a serious look at tightening up Internet Laws in regards to libelous posts.
With MySpace now making some positive changes, hopefully it is a start in a new direction to protect kids and everyone online.

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