Diamond Ranch Ranch Academy Review

After we have continued to receive negative reviews on Diamond Ranch, as a national parent advocacy organization, we have received thousands of intakes and reviews from parents since 2001.

They are obviously feeling the pressure, as they are attempting to use our good name in their marketing.

Is this the type of program you would entrust your child to? Stooping to this level of advertising? Why can't they use their own good merit?

Remember, this is your child. This is a major financial and emotional decision. If a program has to stoop to this level to "sell" you - what else are they doing?

Buyer beware.

This is why I founded Parents Universal Resource Experts. We help educate parents on this type of marketing. Read what happened to me at A Parent's True Story.

Look for my new book, Shame Nation: The Global Epidemic of Online Hate - they seem to be part of generating it.

Wits End Book will help you sift through this confusing teen help - big business. Free chapter here.

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