Seneca Ranch Second Chance Youth Ranch

Be careful where you click into!
I was made aware that the program that used to be Carolina Springs Academy, where my daughter was harmed, was just re-opened as Seneca Ranch in Due West, SC.

As a parent advocate, I encourage parents to do their due diligence when researching programs for their teenager. The Internet is full of wonderful websites and toll-free numbers that will sell you many things.

When it comes to your child, learn to separate the Internet fact from the Internet fiction.  There will always be those forums of slander - former institutionalized kids that believed they were wronged by the system - and many still don't have relationships with their family.

Though I feel for them, I also understand that there are many good programs in our country - as well as a handful of not so good ones.  You will never please everyone, however when you have the same repetitive stories over and over - from different kids at different times from different parts of the country, you seem to start believing something isn't right.  In collaboration with a string of lawsuits filed against them - there is enough smoke that many would thing a fire is about to start.  That is only my opinion.

Learn from my experiences - gain from my knowledge.

Holidays can be a stressful time - don't allow sales people to pressure you into making rash decisions.

It is important to make a decision, but make the best decision for your family.

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