Teen Help During the Holidays: Residential Treatment Centers

Making the right choice is not always easy.
A question my colleague and I are frequently asked during this time of the year is, "The holidays are here, should we send our teen into a residential program now or wait until after the holidays are over?"

Parents' Universal Resources Experts has been helping families for over a decade, actually over 12 years now, and the answer hasn't changed.

If you wait for the holidays to be over, you may be risking your teen getting  into further trouble as well as causing more stress and friction during your family holiday season.

As school is out teenagers, if they don't have constructive plans, will sometimes get involved with hanging out in places they shouldn't be with people they shouldn't be with.  Today we are facing a time when many parents are working full-time and it is difficult to monitor our kids 24/7 and nearly impossible to tell them who to pick as their peer group.

We explain to parents, as difficult as it will be missing your child at the holidays, it will only be one Thanksgiving and Christmas/Hanukkah --- compared to the rest of your life you will have with a healthy child.  You need to weigh your options.

Giving your teen the gift of a second opportunity of a bright future is the best holiday gift a parent can give - as well as a responsible parent.  Keeping them home is only prolonging the inevitable - it really isn't for them -- it is for you.  And that isn't helping your child.

Think about what is in the best interest of your teen.  The gift of healing and recovery.

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