Diamond Ranch Academy Residential Treatment Center

The stress parenting combined with Internet confusion.
As a parent advocate I am always receiving emails and phone calls on a variety of schools and programs from parents and students that have first hand experiences.

My personal experiences are with Carolina Springs Academy that is now closed -- I have heard it is reopened as Seneca Ranch. WWASPS (Worldwide Association of Specialty Programs and Schools) is the umbrella  organization that runs these programs.They also have others in the United States - at last glance there was Red River Academy, LA, Cross Creek, UT, River View, UT, Midwest Academy, IA, and you never know when more will pop-up in different names.

Diamond Ranch Academy, sadly, though I don't have first hand experiences, I am receiving more negative feedback about them.  I wrote about them in June 2012 - and since then it is not getting much better.

After speaking with several parents, that are looking for placement for their struggling teenagers, they encountered the website of Diamond Ranch Academy and were quickly advised their teens were accepted into DRA.

Knowing a bit about these teens, they are all very different, some I would say okay - good fit from the description of the program - others I would definitely question the admissions (not that I am a professional - but I have been working in this industry for over a decade and I do know what I am talking about by now).

I asked one parent who her "sales person" was - and was SHOCKED to find out it was a person that actually used to sell WWASPS programs!  I don't want to use identifying names here - but trust me - I know WWASPS sales people very well - I had a jury trial in Utah and defeated them.

Now I am extremely concerned for any parents considering DRA.  Years earlier they were always considered reputable - why they have stooped to a level of this is beyond me.  I also had a parent share with me there was a second death in September of 2013 that has been kept silent.  I don't know about - but if you are considering this program - you may want to ask and find out about it.

For me, I know there are many excellent programs in our country.  I am not of the mindset that all programs are bad.  This type of information only solidifies that parents need to take their time and do their due diligence before selecting a program.

This is one of the reasons I created Parents Universal Resource Experts, Inc. (P.U.R.E.) - with helpful hints to guide parents through the big business of teen help.

I don't own, operate or manage any schools or programs - I help educate parents on researching schools and programs.  I also have no connection with Diamond Ranch Academy - - however it seems they are marketing very similar to WWASPS - and that alone scares me.  However that is only my opinion.

I just caution all parents to do your homework - take your time - this is a major financial and emotional decision.  I firmly believe you can't ignore getting your teen help, but take trust your gut.

The moral of this Blog is - if you are considering Diamond Ranch Academy or any program - just be sure you are doing your homework.  Don't ignore getting your teen the help they need, just be sure you are getting them safe and quality help.

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