Holiday Blues and Teenagers: Risks of Teen Suicide

Holiday blues isn't only about adults, teens can struggling with depression too.

Teen suicide is a very real concern.

Sometimes parents will believe that their behavior is typical teen "stuff", but in reality it their child is deeply hurting.

I fully understand that many parents hesitate wanting to consider residential therapy over the holidays, however you have to think about your child's future.  Once Christmas, one New Year's Eve, one  Easter compared to the rest of their life is worth getting your teen's emotional health back.

Some warning signs:
  • Withdrawn, secretive
  • Change of appetitie
  • Change of friends, or no friends 
  • Sadness
  • Poor performance in school: grades are dropping
  • Rage, defiance, disrespectfulness
  • Frequent headaches, stomach aches
  • Check their arms, legs, stomach for scarring (cutting)
  • Check their social media sites for writing about death and other dark comments
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If you are considering a residential treatment center, please contact Parents Universal Resource Experts.

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