Sue Scheff and Michael Fertik on Fox News Morning Show with Mike and Juliet

Today Sue Scheff and Michael Fertik (Reputation Defender) appeared on the Fox News Morning Show with Mike and Juliet.

The discussion of Internet Defamation is growing larger and expanding throughout the country. Free Speech will always have its' place on the Internet, however it doesn't condone defamation. Libelous comments can be held accountable as in the Sue Scheff vs Carey Bock case.

A jury deliberated for several hours over the slanderous and libelous posts and found damages in the amount of $11.3M. Currently, after Carey Bock Levine was denied to have the judgement set aside, the garnishment of her wages will start shortly.

Mike and Juliet are excellent hosts and understand that this issue is a growing concern today.

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