Sue Scheff and Parent's Universal Resource Experts: Advocating for Parents and Being a Voice Against Internet Abuse

Happy Thanksgiving to all and we have many things to be grateful for. My family as well as families throughout the country will be celebrating this day of gratitude.

Proudly, my organization continues to help people throughout the world as well as my continuous fight to help those that are being abused in Cyberspace.

With the help of wonderful services such as Reputation Defender, who I am personally thank for their hard work, there are many new legal doors opening that I want to thank. This will help keep the Internet a safe place. We have a long way to go, however the fact that prominent people are stepping forward to help means there will be positive movement.

With the recent tragic stories of teens on MySpace and more, it is time to step up and be that voice.

On this holiday of gratitude, it is also a time to reflect and move forward to continue to help and share with others. I have endured the wrath of people obsessed with me, my daughter's fight to survive a program that was not what was promised, as well two major victorious jury trials. This has given me the strength to continue to move forward and upward.

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