Sue Scheff is the first parent to DEFEAT WWASPS (World Wide Association of Specialty Programs and Schools) in both a Jury Trial and the Supreme Court

Here we are - years after my victories (both a jury trial I won and I won again in the Supreme Court of Appeals when WWASPS appealed the verdict) yet WWASPS still continues to tell some people I lost?

Are you a parent that is at your wit's end - desperate and fall into the trap of urgency to place your child into a specialty school or program? Think twice - read "A Parent's True Story" - then visit my website at

My book - Wit's End! will be released in July 2008 - you will get to hear my daugther's voice and her up close and personal experiences of Carolina Springs Academy.

I assume I will always have the Internet Flamers - but thankfully I always have the truth on my side. The truth prevailed!

After meeting with my Congresswoman this week as well as a Florida Senator several times, I am confident there will be positive changes to ensure the safety of children and an awareness for parents.

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