Happy 21st Birthday to A Remarkable Young Adult and Upcoming Young Author

Kristin Stattel is an amazing young adult that has been through the darkest of times after losing her mother to cancer when Kristin was only 14 years old and then being placed in several schools and programs while she tried to sort out her feelings of grief.

She boldly admits she has had her share of troubles, but rising above them all in her new and inspiring book - "It's All Good" that will touch the hearts of teens and adults alike.

Kristin is pictured here with my book which she felt has inspired her to open up and write her own story with the desire to help others, as Wit's End does- helping others through my own experiences.

Although Kristin has suffered in some "not-so-good" programs, as my daughter did, she believes without intervention her life, she may not be where she is today. In the end, the right program was found and gave Kristin the strength and courage to become the wonderful young adult she is today.

I believe people will be amazed with her writing and ability to bring you into her life and make you feel good and live life to the best it can be. Her constant in life is no matter what is happening is "It's All Good!"

Personally, Kristin is a very special person that has endured more than most adults have in a lifetime as well as overcome many obstacles that could have destroyed her. However she has prevailed with a positive outlook and an upbeat personality that continues to give to everyone that comes into her life.

Happy 21st Birthday Kristin!

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