Sue Scheff: Learning The Gateway Drugs and Teens

A Parent's Guide to Gateway Drugs

A gateway drug is a drug that opens the metaphorical gateway to more potent, dangerous drugs. Substances like alcohol, cigarettes and marijuana are considered gateway drugs. While many parents are tempted to say "it's only beer" or "its just pot", the danger in gateway drugs is their ability to convince the user that they can handle larger quantities or in many cases, stronger, more potent substances.

My name is Sue Scheff™, and I am the founder of Parents Universal Resource Experts (PURE)™, an organization dedicated to helping parents help their troubled teens. As a parent, I know all too well the difficulties of raising a child in these chaotic times. Parents can easily feel alone and overwhelmed when their child is in trouble, but P.U.R.E. is here to help you. We can provide you with information on the most trusted and effective treatment and counseling resources available.

This site is meant to educate parents about the dangers of "gateway drugs" like marijuana, alcohol and cigarettes, which often lead to the abuse of more dangerous drugs.
Visit Teen Drug Prevention website for more information.

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