Teen Depression - Parents Be Aware of the Signs

Dr. Paul Jenkins interviewed with Dr. Gary Nelson, the author of “A Relentless Hope: Surviving the Storm of Teen Depression”. I found this book to be personal and very informative, with a nice conversational tone. His story is based on his years of counseling experience, as well as his personal experiences with his son, Tom. Dr. Nelson’s insights are valuable to those of us who are trying to understand both teens and depression. You can contact Dr. Nelson through his website, survivingteendepression.com.

Dr. Gary Nelson is a parent that struggled with his own son. His journey with his son and his family helps you to understand that many of us struggling today are not alone. Gary Nelson creates an awareness that many people seem to overlook or simply don't want to face. If you suspect your teen or pre-teen is suffering with depression, I recommend this book - it can give you a lot of insight.

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