Dozier Internet Law Fights Back! Has the Internet Become a Free for All? People Impersonating other?

I recently read the complaint Dozier Internet Law vs Riley and couldn't believe how low people will stoop to harm others. It is obvious Riley has a lot of time on his hands and clearly is being held accountable legally! YES - let's work toward making these people that believe their keystrokes are anonymous wake-up! Be careful - you could be served!The product of an investigation spanning the course of a year, the lawsuit sets forth in detail how Ronald J. Riley allegedly built false credentials through, among other tactics, claiming false affiliations with MIT and Harvard, creating executive positions by surreptitiously forming his own companies and organizations and appointing himself "President", "Executive Director", or "Senior Fellow", and misappropriating the identity of defunct organizations, including "The Alliance for American Innovation", a powerful lobbying group that had fulfilled its mission and had closed down. The suit alleges that Riley is using those credentials to generate clients for invention promotion, marketing and consulting, and targeting unsuspecting inventors and entrepreneurs.

The legal action describes Ronald J. Riley's alleged attempts to silence his online critics, and his challenges to the anonymity of bloggers and online commentators, with threats to obtain log files and IP addresses and "track down" those disclosing his fraudulent misconduct. The Complaint details how Riley allegedly used attacks against competitors and infringed on trademarks to generate clients, including the use of "anchored text" links fraudulently misdirected to Riley's websites.

The lawsuit alleges that Ronald J. Riley has "perpetrated one of the most successful business credential frauds ever committed upon the inventor and entrepreneur community."

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