Sue Scheff: Mom Blogs - Parents Helping Parents

Recently I am noticing more and more parents are stepping up and talking about their issues, concerns, frustrations as well as sharing ideas and tips they have used in raising their children. All in all, it is about parents helping parents.

Years ago when I struggled with my daughter, I felt so alone - and it was such a hush hush mentality. We were all so determined to prove our kids were nearly perfect! Oh, so smart and athletic or gifted and talented in some way. In today's generation of raising children it is become more challenging.

Here are a few Blogs on Parenting that could help you help your child:

Van's Mom - Exploring and dealing with an ADHD and ODD daughter.

Tangerine Times - Myrna's parenting tips on the sweet and sour times of teens.

Phil's Blog - Why physical education is so critical to children today in highly techy times.

Inhalant Abuse Blog - Parents educate other parents on the dangers of many home products.

Love Our Children Blog - Helping keep today's children safe.

Sarah Maria's Blog - Learning to increase your self image to make better choices. (For parents and teens!)

Lori Hanson's Blog - Holistic solutions for a eating disorders.

ADD/ADHD Blog - ADDitude Magazine offers many parent Blogs on ADD/ADHD and more.

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