Sue Scheff: Promoting Teen Health, Nutrition and Body Image

I found a cool website for teens and parents. BodiMojo – promoting teen health, nutrition, and body image. Read more!

BodiMojo will be a premier nutrition, fitness and body image website built with teens, for teens, and focused on integrating online & off-line activities in fun and motivational way.
Teens told us what they wanted and we listened. BodiMojo will include elements of music, interactive tools, games, vids, creativity, community building, contests, original content and customized user pages for teens. BodiMojo will also offer its users new technology for fitness tracking and mobile motivation.

BodiMojo philosophy is simple: Health Can Be Cool

Nutritional experts, health professionals, fitness gurus along with our participating teen users will develop stories, articles, information, graphics, videos, interactive features and more.
This current site will provide information and updates on the development of the full BodiMojo website as well as receive content submissions from teens. Keep an eye on BodiMojo and our upcoming Virtual User’s Group, Blog, Contests and News. BodiMojo will launch 2009.
BodiMojo will also be partnering with game developers, musicians, technologists, producers, athletes, writers, artists and business people interested in participating in BodiMojo’s mission. Contact us at

Remember, a body in motion, stays in motion.


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