Teens that Are Making a Difference: A Year Later

Last year one of the most popular Examiner articles was Teens that Inspire.  

As the holidays approach, it is a time for giving, sharing, volunteering and being part of your community to those in need.  Each of these teens continue to grow their passion of helping others and are an inspiration to many more.

In no particular order, here are some quick updates:

Danielle Herb
Danielle Herb, FL: Just turning 16 years old, Danielle has had a difficult year with her health, but that hasn't stopped her positive and outgoing spirit to care about others.  After being diagnosed with with RSD/CRPS, Danielle fought back through extensive rehab (see video on sidebar), had to learn to walk again, yet was determined to get back to her horses and what her passion is - helping others. Learn more about her recovery and her mission at her website Drop Your Reins and don't forget to join her Facebook Fan Page.

Cati Grant, CA:  Now at 17 years old, she is the Teen Ambassador for Love Our Children USA and STOMP Out Bullying.  Her voice to stop bullying and cyberbullying was heard all the way to the Dr. Phil stage in October 2010.  One of her first national appearances, it is clear Cati, of Cati Cares, is not slowing down and continuing her passion to put a stop to bullying and create awareness to bullying prevention is full speed ahead. Follow Cati on Twitter.

Cati Grant
Lane Sutton, MA: 13 years old, this young entrepeneur is also hiting the national spotlight with his critiques for kids for movies, restaurants, games, camps, books, activities and more on his website, KidCriticUSA.com.  Just recently Lane was featured in a CNN article as one of their "intriguing people".  All vendors, with the holidays coming, do you have a product for Lane to review?  Follow Lane on Twitter.

Joni Poole, GA:  At 19 years old, Joni hasn't stopped being a voice against sexual violence.  She founded Sexual Abuse, Assault, and Rape Awareness (S.A.A.R.A.). Joni continues to  work with thousands of individuals. Together they create support systems and promote awareness of sexual abuse, assault and rape awareness.

Lane Sutton
Jaylen Arnold, FL:  Although only 10 years old now, Jaylen is on the fast and furious track to continue educating kids and everyone about the pain of bullying.  He continues with his mantra, Bullying No More!  This year he hit the media blitz with special on The Discovery Health Channel. This special on Tourette's Syndrome - "Tourette's Uncovered."  Jaylen Arnold was one of four children that will be featured. Follow Jaylen on Twitter.

Zack Gonzalez
Zack Gonzalez, CA:  Zack is a 17 year old advocate for autism, comedian, author, teen-social entrepreneur, talk-show host, and philanthropist. Last year he published his first book, Saving Deets, A Family's Journey with Autism, is complimented by Zack's official website promoting autism awarness. Follow Zack on Twitter.

Jason O'Neill
Jason O'Neill, CA: Just turning 15 years old, Jason has had year that many adult may never experience.  He has released his first book, "Bitten by the Business Bug: Common Sense Tips for Business and Life from a Teen Entrepreneur", which is based on his success of his Pencil Bugs.  Jason is also dedicated to giving back to kids, especially those in need.  Again this holiday season, 2010 is going to be a Very Beary Christmas for kids at Rady Children's Hospital in San Diego, California. Last year, with the help of many people, Jason raised over $5000.00 he donated via cute, cuddly stuffed animals to children that may not be having a Christmas.

There are many more inspiring teens and if you have someone that you believes needs to be featured for their services in their community or inspiring others, please email me or leave it in comments below.

Congratulations to all these wonderful kids that are continuing to make a difference.  Be sure to watch the slideshow to see how much they have all grown and visit their updated websites!

A great way to enter the holiday season in a positive and good news direction.

Watch the slide show of these inspiring teens and read more.

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