Teen Drug Use: Parents360 Help - Be an Educated Parent

Facts about drug and alcohol use amongst teenagers:
  • The average age of first use is 13 years old
  • Every day 4,000 teens try an illicit drug for the first time
  • Every day 2,500 teens abuse a prescription drug for the first time
The good news is that parents – and other caring adults – do matter, and can make a difference. Parents360 increases parents’ understanding and confidence in preventing and addressing drug and alcohol issues.
So many times we hear parents claim their teen would not do drugs, it is their friends.  At the same time, don't we preach to our kids we are who we hang out with?  

Parenting is challenging - however it is a challenge we never can give up on.

DrugFree.org continues their campaign to educate parents, teachers, communities and kids about the dangers of substance abuse.  In addition to their Above the Influence campaign, they also added PACT360 which offers community education and research based assistance to schools, parents and communities to help prevent drug abuse.

When a parent stays in denial with "not my kid", it will not only be destructive for your child, it can destroy entire families.

Parents360 (Parents: You Matter) is a community education program that engages parents through an awareness-building presentation, called Parents: You Matter. The presentation provides parents and other caring adults with valuable insights into why kids use, how parents can start the dialogue, and what steps to take if they suspect or know their child is using. It underscores the need for parents to educate themselves about the dangers of drugs and alcohol, and to be the go-to source when their children have questions.
With the holidays here, more teens have free time at home.  Do you know what substances that could be potentially lethal are in your home?  Take the time to learn more and more important, take the time to talk to your teens today.

Communication is the key to prevention.  Education is substance to prevention!

Source: The Partnership at Drugfree.org

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Are you considering residential therapy for your teen?  Take the time to do your research - visit Parents' Universal Resource Experts, Inc.  This organization helps educate and guide parents to find safe and quality schools and programs and first opened in Broward County.  They are a long standing member of the Better Business Bureau now in North Florida also.

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