Specialty Schools and Teen Help Programs - The Research

How is your teen doing in school?
Are you at your wit's end with your teen?  School is back in session and your teen is either not attending classes or decided he doesn't need school anymore - let's just get a GED.  Seriously - that is the way some  teens are thinking now. 

Generations prior, GED's were frowned upon, and usually meant you had a child that was a juvenile delinquent.

Today we have many resources for parents to get their teens back on a positive road, but it takes time, determination and research to find that right program.

They will come under many names such as, Wilderness Programs, Therapeutic Boarding Schools, Residential Treatment Centers, Behavior Modification, Emotional Growth, etc.....  It is important to realize what you are looking at and what you need for your individual teen.

In my prior Blog posts below, I have given you many tips - here are some more:
  • Boot Camps - In my opinion, stay clear of anything punitive.  This is not beneficial to building your child back up to making better choices.  In many cases the teens come out with more anger and resentment than they went in with.   Look for programs with positive stimulation and enrichment programs.
  • Are you dialing toll free numbers that go to marketing arms?  Stay clear.  These are people that are more in tune with programs rather than your teen's emotional needs.  They are paid commission by selling a certain group of programs.  You need to be sure you are speaking with a program directly - the owner is the best one, since that person will be responsible for your child's success - and their reputation is vest on it.
  • Are you on the East Coast and they are telling you that Utah or the West Coast is your only answer?  Not true, there are many good programs are the East Coast.  Of course choosing your program isn't solely based on geographic, however it does make it easier to visit your child - and let your teen know you are involved.  Especially for working parents - traveling to the West Coast from the East is at least a full days trip on both ends - leaving a limited time to visit your child.
More to come.... Visit www.helpyourteens.com for more information.

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