Teens Escalating Out-of-Control: When is enough - ENOUGH?

CNN - InSession - TruTV (formerly CourtTV)
Today I was on In Session with Ryan Smith.

An interesting segment about troubled teens and boot camps. It is also a disturbing trial that is almost incomprehensible. 

As a young man is being charged with hiring a hit-man to kill his parents, part of his defense is the horrible time he spent in a specialty program.  This program was actually under the same umbrella of schools and programs that my own daughter attended.

Yes, the program in our experience, was extremely abusive - both physically and emotionally.  Did it create someone to actually kill their parents?  I haven't heard of that yet.  I will share with you these types of stories can sometimes deter parents from getting their teens help.

P.U.R.E. was created to help educate parents on searching and investigating schools and programs for your teen's individual needs.  We warn you to use caution of slick marketing scams - fancy websites and toll free numbers going all over the place.

When you realize you are losing control of your teen and have exhausted all your local resources, it is time to stop - do YOUR homework - and find help for them.

Be an educated parent, you  will have safer and healthier teens.

Visit www.helpyourteens.com for more valuable information.

Watch CNN here.

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