Parents Universal Resource Experts (P.U.R.E.)

Over a decade of helping families.
It's summer and for parents of teenagers it can be a time of consideration.

What will your teen be doing this summer?  Have you arranged for a summer camps?  Community service hours? Volunteering? Or simply hanging out?

Parenting today's teenagers is a challenge.  Whether it is keeping up with technology or worrying about substance abuse, being a parent today is not an easy job.

If you suspect your teen is using drugs, drinking or engaging in any negative behavior, don't be a parent in denial.  Get the help they may need.  It could be as you need a adolescent therapist or you may need to take the next step of residential therapy.  Either way, you need to be proactive.

Parents' Universal Resource Experts (P.U.R.E.) has over a decade of assisting families with troubled teens, and continues to expand.  Join us on Facebook today.

Teens that are struggling with today's peer pressure, experimenting with drugs and alcohol, and simply good kids starting to make bad choices.  P.U.R.E. many very satisfied families that have used their services.  Please take a moment to read some of the testimonials.

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