Troubled Teens: Is Your Teen Using Drugs? It's Not 'Just Pot' Anymore

Partnership at is marching out their new campaign.

Your Are Not Alone!

You Are Not Alone, sponsored by The Partnership at is dedicated to supporting the 11 million American families whose teens need treatment for drug and alcohol abuse - 1 in 7 seven teens!
Back to school can mean new friends, new relationships and sometimes new peer pressure that is not positive.  Although many parents believe it is not their teen, the fact is - in many cases it is.  Once a family has accepted they are not alone - there is help out there, the sooner you can get your teen back on a safe and healthy path.
With your help, we can lower the barriers families face in getting teens the treatment and recovery support they need.

Work on bringing your family back together.
Help us transform stigma and isolation into hope and change.

Get involved today!


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