Cross Creek, Horizon Academy, Red River Academy, Specialty Boarding Schools or Not?

Not able to recognize your teen anymore?
Are you considering residential therapy for your teen, and recognize those program names? Stop and read on....

You find yourself surfing the net.  Your once happy baby, turned toddler progressed into elementary school then suddenly hit adolescence and something changed.  But what was it?

After all, your teen is smart, they are good looking, usually very athletic, capable of getting A's yet bringing home C's, you are getting reports that they are skipping classes, if they aren't skipping school all together - then you suddenly see a shift in their choice of friends.... what is going on?

Some parents will think - typical teen - maybe it is.  However when do you know when it is time to intervene?  It always it!  It is a parent's responsibility to know when safety trumps privacy.

Keeping the lines of communication open, even when your teen clams up.  It isn't easy, but talking is your road to finding out what is going on in their life.

All of this sounds so simple, but trust me - I know it isn't and if you are reading this - it means you have already tried all these avenues and you have reached your wit's end - just as I did over a decade ago.

I firmly believe in getting outside help - I absolutely believe in residential treatment centers and therapeutic boarding school (though I am not an advocate of wilderness programs or boot camps - since both are short term programs with very short term results).  Wilderness programs, in particular, are an extremely costly band-aid and almost always recommend you go on to the next step - which is where you need to start anyway - so why spend the intitial $15K (approx).  Boot Camps, in my opinion, are just a bad idea all the way around - we want to build a child up - not beat them down.

So what do you do?

Take your time - do your research!  Don't let what happen to my daughter and myself happen to you!

Take 10 minutes to read my story - A Parent's True Story.  It could save you not only a lot of money, but from making a major mistake I made.

Want to know about the above mentioned programs and Lisa Irvin?  Click here.

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