Red River Academy: Teen Help Program or Not?

Searching online for help for your troubled teen?

Maybe they are not troubled, they have always been a good kid, but now they are making some really bad choices - hanging with the less than positive influences - smoking some pot (not to mention the cigarettes) - drinking - and starting to fail in school.

We have even watched our teen drift away from the things they used to love such as sports, dance, music, hobbies, etc.

Defiance, lack of respect, underachieving, withdrawing from family activities, and simply a child you no longer recognize - where did your happy toddler go?

This scenario is very common, it happened to me over a decade ago - and is the reason I created my organization - Parents' Universal Resource Experts.

I don't want to rehash my story here, you can read it on or in my books Wit's End! Advice and Resources for Saving Your Out of Control Teen.

I want to help you a bit as you are searching the Internet for help for your own teenager.

The Internet can be an educational tool and a lethal weapon - as it has been for me.  After my experiences with a horrific program, and I defeated them in a jury trial - the keyboard was a way to attack legally.  Again, all in the past - I have fought hard to continue to be a voice for families and in this big business of teen help.  I won two jury trials - and all the appeals they threw at me.  Fact remains - no one condones child abuse and neglect - and I was awarded damages for what the defamation caused me.

This brings us to why I titled this Red River Academy?  As someone that helps parents when they are doing research - I just want to be sure they are doing their due diligence when they are searching.  Keep in mind.  Where there is smoke - there is fire.

Need help?  Take your time - remember, this is a major financially and emotional decision.

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