Seneca Ranch Second Chance Youth Ranch: BUYER BEWARE? Again?

Why change your name all the time? What are you hiding from?

Seneca Ranch Second Chance Youth Ranch

Carolina Springs Academy

Magnolia Christian Academy


If at first you don't succeed..... 

Are you at your wit's end with your at-risk teenager?  Surfing the Internet and tired of all the marketing ploys you are finding?

Before you make your plunge, take 5 minutes to read my story - - I was once in your shoes.    

I get it, we need help, your teen needs help.  There are excellent resources out there.  However when a program is constantly changing their name, what are they running from?  

Think about it---do you really want to trust your child with people are always changing their name?

Be an educated parent.  Get your teen help.  Do your research.  

This is only my opinion - based on my firsthand experiences.  Parents are feel to do what they feel is best for their family. 



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